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Photo of Carl Rakosi

Car Rakosi: audio recordings

A note from Al Filreis, Kelly Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania:

Recordings of the late Carl Rakosi reading ten of his poems are available here in downloadable MP3 format:

The poems are:
1. Love America, Uncle Sam Needs You
2. Go Preach Christ
3. The Country Singer
4. Captain Paterson
5. from Three Cheers for the Star Spangled Banner: A Silent Movie
6. How to be with a Rock
7. Oh Sestina
8. from The Old Poet's Tale
9. To a Collie Pup
10. In What Sense I am I

These recordings of Carl Rakosi’s poems have been made available as part of the PENNsound project. For more about PENNsound, see:

February 2004  |  Jacket 25  Contents  |  Homepage  |  Catalog  |  Search  |
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