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Landis Everson: photographs

Landis Everson, Leyte, Philippines, 1946. ‘Went into active Army in 1945, sent for a year to Leyte, Philippines. Discharged, Dec., 1946. The war was declared over when I was on the Pacific sailing to invade Japan, or I’d be dead.’ — L.E.

Landis Everson and Mary Ellen Sturges, Coronado, California, [October 5, 1947?]. Everson transferred to Berkeley because Sturges was there. Photograph by Everson’s father.

Bob Magoon and Landis Everson, Coronado, California, February 1950. It was through a friend of Magoon’s, and in Magoon’s company, that Everson was introduced to John Ashbery at the Yale Club in New York in 1951. Photograph by Everson’s father.

Landis Everson with friends of his father, Wargrave, England, 1950.
Summer after graduating from Berkeley. Photograph by Everson’s father.

Landis Everson, Coronado, California, [August 1952?]. ‘Home from San Francisco’. Photograph by Everson’s father.

Landis Everson, La Jolla, California, circa 1960.
Not long after writing The Little Ghosts I Played With.

James Felts and Robin Blaser when they were living in Landis Everson’s house on Waltham Street, Bernal Heights, San Francisco, April 1964. Photograph by Landis Everson.

Landis Everson (right rear) and fishermen, El Puerto de la Cruz, Canary Islands, Spain, 1965 or 1966.

Landis Everson, Canary Islands, Spain, 1965 or 1966.

Landis Everson, San Francisco, 1969.

Barry Clinton (far left) and Landis Everson, Folsom Street, San Francisco, October 1970.

Landis Everson (front center) and friends, probably Stinson Beach, California, June 1970. Barry Clinton is at the far right; Robert Harvey is facing away from the camera.

Landis Everson
Boston, September 27, 2004.

Photograph by Ben Mazer.

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