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          Tom Raworth feature

      Clint Burnham: Three sonnets

Selling my throes b’lieve you’re hard. Generals
don’t grow on trees, you pay peanuts, I say jism in your eye.
-Yi-yikes pay the glassed in coin snatcher skinmount
safe maf neighbourhood
rays’n’caves chewing
& holding a coke as he rode his bike uphill faux-semi-
accused giulia’ll be there directly pregnant nancy
boys dress up to go to Dresden an outdoor library
evan wobbles all the that’s auntie’s beer
timed in the gay scene dot call him your father
land of 1,000 teacher shirts
miked rainbonnet head

heavy lifting bullet proof golfing
green if it wasn’t for persian
dumptruck be italian ditch
yukon gold: country
neighbourhood pub
glass eyes and carbon ears
in frequent drink spills
"routine" etc. "I"
every datriarchy
liverish yogurt white hand
2 gland
son, hum

she’s taking my nose up there
but i’m good at the shots
visiting hours at home
if it moves kiss it
i was trapped in my teacher
body until it stops snow
pillows on the up and up girl foreskins
pink sweater cry bloody or fist against three
you can’t get a head without
George Foreman’s lean meat
golden smoke holes
gulp the sour organ
did you taste the lipstick
hope of my head & forehead

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