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          Tom Raworth feature

      Cris Cheek: poem

one works hard for longevities in this world

there once was a story and a storyteller and a story—ret(ai)(lel)ler

quote  —  somewhat in a psychic mood the purple vosene bottle (saddened at
the death of its parent company and consequently drained of its added value
fluffinesses) checked into the translocal Royal Bugs Bunny Hospital:


1. Forms of Amenable Democracy

‘another day — another carrot — another island!’ endquote   —  and ran
straight into wrecking the star—maker machinery of  meaningless. Thesis —
conventional genres of sense formulation and communication

Antithesis — incomplete nonsense
Synthesis —  Jackie Chan is a retired remedial superhero living in North
Lowestoft, north Suffolk who firmly believes that ‘movies are a better
world’. Each day he clambers to the top of the roof on the town hall and
shouts ‘who am i?’. We usually meet up for green tea around noon

in the Cafe Graffitti to chat about what he calls the ‘pooblic’  —  to get
it you have to hear him say it really, or else say it with due syllabic
emphases. Without labouring the point his stress is on

this particular day there is a young woman with red tousled hair stood out
on the other side of the road from where we’re sat, wearing a sandwich
board reading ‘Temporary Closure  —  why waste either one’s own or
another’s time and paper on

Instruction Manual  —  Implementation Mechanical  —  Disembodied Information

in othered words contrary crap Ticket to Belonging £ubject (sic) to inflation

‘thing thumping thimble’’

love and love


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