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          Tom Raworth feature

      Ken Edwards: from Glory Boxes

when meadow reflections from the earth
moved swiftly celestial keeping light

on the threshold of form

the bedroom unlocked as a dream.
By night or day across the desert things

broadly divided into two categories
to the tree itself or to its process of fruit-bearing

when the heavens had lifted a little
while the birds turned

headlong, into a cauldron of figures, recklessly mixing
to a field, to a tessitura of time
to reach the end of the unpredictable periplus.

And while a thought dissipated

in terms of its deductions and consequences for the future

and with the heart covered with hair

the series led into fundamental errors of conception.

While worlds written by evolution call on every side
while signal coloration shines, and leaps

from existing objects, to ensembles of probable objects
to groups of differing objects

spinning in a new direction, trailing

diverse material

the light is on his way

towards true continuity, this being
to see-saw from one to the other.

And even with something focused on the wall behind
some fragments from blackness under eyelids shaped
as if with fractured smoke

give rise to striking contrasts, due to

accompanying semblance. Haunted when in water

to go beyond tempered space

let me hear those drifting coronal lesions

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