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          Tom Raworth feature

      Robert Kelly: For Raworth,
      A translation from Middle High Cat

Raptors as captors
Agreeably posed on long
Edwardian creaseless trousers
Ironed neat and Berlin near
Ravaged under aerial
House arrest the pong of war
Sneaks out of the paper

We were poor then
And hoped to be otherwise
And now we are otherwise
Poor without prospect

Always at the mercy
Of somebody’s body
Usually our own
But could luck out
And be her be hers
That empress of impress
Above me soft
On her guesswork
Throne she sits so
Solid on like an
Absolute in Aristotle

What is she like or
Who she does amazement
Stays in me so many
Houses full of basements
Without an article of mouse
It is difficult to discern
A pattern in the pattern

There must be something
To do with all these leaves
So leaving London
No compass to levant by
I northed without needle
And came in rain upon a
Cam with a park
Where I sheltered under
Unseemly shrubbery
Huge rubbery leaves
As big as pizzas
What could they be
I need to know
More than the silly
Names of everything
Rheum, see them?
Relatively rhubarb.

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