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Amanda Stewart

Trading Centres

It’s the Guns.
It’s the Drugs.
It’s Abuse.
It’s the Violence.
It’s the Greeks.
It’s the Banks.
It’s the War.
It’s Mel.
It’s the Oil.
It’s Elle.

                        It’s the Media.
                        It’s the Whites.
                        It’s the Men.
                        It’s Pauline.
                        It’s the English.
                        It’s the Christians.
                        It’s Capitalism.
                        It’s Human Nature.
                        It’s Fascism.
                        It’s Kerry. It’s Rupert.          
                                                            It’s Science.
                                                            It’s the Bomb.
                                                            It’s the Second World War.
                                                            It’s the CIA.
                                                            It’s Hollywood.
                                                            It’s Monsanto.
                                                            It’s the Stockmart.
                                                            it’s Greenhouse.
                                                            It’s In the Stars.
                                                            It’s Rolf Harris.

            Three in One and One in Three
                                    mourn again the only begotten Son

            Anointed Software wording the milk
                        fluorescent Icons
                                    Morphing bodies Pasteaway sunsets

                                    MAI SDI HIV CJD

            98% water 98% chimp
                        He always
                                    she never

            a carnivorous Insect an Alien gives birth
                        an it of an Object
                                    a rib off a Primate

            a Devil of savoir-faire
                        girt by Seeing
                                    silenced like a god

            (shut up the Dingo’s dead)
                        (I’m not sorry)
                                    coked accountants cufflinks and flares

            a Rationalist climax
                        a Bootstraps disaster
                                    (sorry?) cleansing the left

            over bits from the Hard Drive
                        gold spilling through the gaps
                                    the elation the exhilaration of the Pact

            a series of numbers
                        the dissolution of pain as primary commodity
                                    the Purity of forgetting

Amanda Stewart, 2005, photo by Pam Brown

Amanda Stewart, 2005, photo by Pam Brown

Amanda Stewart (born: 26 November 1959, citizenship: Australian) is a poet who lives in Sydney. Since the late 1970s she has produced publications, performances, film and radio works in Australia, Europe and the US. Recent work available includes I/T:Selected Poems (Here and There Books, Sydney, 1998), The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior (Vast CD 28, Sydney, 2000/WDR, Köln, 2003), As Is (Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich, 2001), IT .' . I (SWR, Baden Baden, 2002) and CDs with the Australian text-sound ensemble, ‘Machine For Making Sense’ (Split Records, Sydney/00 Discs, NYC).

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