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Karen Weiser

Four poems


A stutter fades
            shelved note
                        light tipped in my pocket

tunneling to Virginia
            secret terminal recipe
                        all parts waiting

a metaphor for soup
            who is there
                        making it make itself

into tradition a song
            hanging from above
                        printed like money


common man

blue jays are starry
            bullets of morning-glory
                        little weights keep pace

hunker down in vectors
            blue forest room
                        latched brain-tree

hope of clear eyeballing
            boundless country sprawl
                        heavy sky patchwork

look landmarks of misdirection!
            look crowd of prophets
                        lighting the fence


El Dorado

faded coloration attacks
            the pace a sentence makes
                        where villains
                                    hide like church bells

women in epic shape
            an informational matrix
                        device to move the plot

remove your hat
            skim the top
                        window swimming
                                    underneath your mask


Opened by force
            a small medical object
                        an ordinary body miracle
                                    slow moving taxi

well rested among objects
            like a sudden awareness of your face
                        I am not at home within
                                    the fog of waiting

5th Avenue houses
            a sleep with string
                        interior sounds casual

on another planet’s
            fine serialized sand
                        the elevators move

a city-wide parallel conspiracy
            aligned and abundant, wordless
                        stents for city-flux
                                    rocket science as we hold the door

Karen Weiser lives in New York City where she is studying for her doctorate in English. Her chapbooks include Placefullness (Ugly Duckling Presse,2004) and Eight Positive Trees (Pressed Wafer, 2002). She has recently had poems in 6X6, Lungfull! Magazine, and Cypress Magazine, and online at, and

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