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Stephen Bett

For the Nine Guys

My literary buddies
at our monthly dinner
& wine piss-up
gossip, laugh & moan
about our lives

Best joke: Canadian version
of The Scarlet Letter?
Fuckin’ Eh

The sweet young things,
the ex’s, & kids
who’ve disowned us
one by one

Stephen Bett

Stephen Bett

Stephen Bett has had six books of poetry published: Nota Bene Poems (Ekstasis Editions, 2005), Trader Poets (Frog Hollow Press, 2003), High-Maintenance (Ekstasis Editions, 2003), High Design Refit (Greenboathouse Books, 2002), Cruise Control (Ekstasis Editions, 1996) and Lucy Kent and other poems (Longspoon Press, 1983); his work has also appeared in over 70 journals in Canada, the U.S., England, Australia, and Finland, as well as in two anthologies, and on radio. He is a member of the English Department at Langara College in Vancouver.

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