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(Re:)Working the Ground:

A Conference on the Late Writings of Robert Duncan

The State University of New York at Buffalo
Friday, April 21 — Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Poetry Collection at the State University of New York at Buffalo is happy to host “(Re:)Working the Ground: A Conference on the Late Writings of Robert Duncan.” This event is intended in part to celebrate New Directions’ combined republication of Ground Work: Before the War/In the Dark — edited by Robert J. Bertholf and James Maynard, and with a new introduction by Michael Palmer — in April 2006.

Presentations by:

Graça Capinha, James Maynard, Stephen Collis, Peter O’Leary, Nesrin Eruysal, Clément Oudart, Stephen Fredman, Brian Reed, Jeff Hamilton, John Taggart, Lisa Jarnot, Dennis Tedlock, Devin Johnston, Kimberlee Winter, Eric Keenaghan, Thomas Yorty; 4/ 21 Poetry reading by John Taggart; 4/ 22 Poetry readings by Stephen Collis, Jeff Hamilton, Lisa Jarnot, Devin Johnston, and Peter O’Leary.

The two-day conference will feature an international cast of speakers with a special emphasis on younger and emerging scholars. As indicated by the conference title, presentations will engage in some manner with Duncan’s work after 1968. Writing in 1972 that he “did not intend to issue another collection of… work since Bending the Bow until 1983 at which time fifteen years will have passed,” Duncan was nonetheless quite active with international, small press, and private publications. During this period he collected and in some cases revised earlier writing in volumes such as Play Time Pseudo Stein (1969) and Caesar’s Gate: Poems 1948-49 (1972), and released new work in limited editions such as Tribunals Passages 31-35 (1970), Poems from the Margins of Thom Gunn’s Moly (1972), A Seventeenth Century Suite (1973), and Dante (1974). Papers may address any aspect of these books or the larger collections Ground Work (1984) and Ground Work II (1987), as well as Duncan’s prose from this period (e.g. the later essays and introductions collected in Fictive Certainties and A Selected Prose).

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