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The Flarflist Collective

Actual Interview with a Six-Year-Old
on the Topic of Flarf

This piece is 272 words or about 2 printed pages long

Q: What’s flarf?

A: It’s a jelly fish in dada world.

Q: What does flarf sound like?

A: Flarf flarf flarf. Flarfs have a very nice singing voice.

Q: What do flarfs do?

A: All they do is swim around, and they only eat in winter. It’s a funny thing about the flarfs: they hibernate in summer and spring, and in winter and fall they don’t hibernate.

Q: What if I told you that people don’t like Flarf?

A: Not many flarfs are left in dada world. Lots of the hunters shoot down flarfs for TV shows, because the dada kids can’t control their parents too well. So there aren’t too many flarfs left. When they are trying to shoot the flarfs down down, the flarfs just fall into a very bad sleep. They sleep until they write flarf.

Q: Can you recite me a flarf poem?

A: I have a dada friend and he tells me lots of stuff about flarf, but he didn’t tell me this.

Q: Do people like Flarf poems?

A: He said everybody thinks flarf poems are bad, but they are really just good.

Q: Will people figure that Flarf poems are good someday?

A: They’ll never figure out, because then all of the Flarfs would be extinct. That’s the key for all of them being extinct.

Q: What do flarfs do for fun?

A: I don’t know the answer to that one.

Q: What do you think about the relationship between Flarf and Google?

A: Uh, there is really no such thing as a google in dada land. The googles are just the dada’s imaginary friends.

The subject of this interview asked to remain anonymous. A selection of work by the Flarflist Collective will appear in Jacket 30.

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