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Jordan Davis

Three poems:

link On an 87 Ford Taurus Left Taillight

link Poems About Me

link Pablo Escobar Shopping T-Shirt

On an 87 Ford Taurus Left Taillight

The boxes used by Rhodes were buff colored cardboard with a paper
Mechanical Frog in tan/buff colored cardboard box
Beginning with cob #1187, buff-colored labels were
1/2 inch wingspan, usually buff-colored, sometimes with shades
White- to grayish-white or buff-colored patches or coatings on
barks sloughs, leaving a buff colored scar
familiar with the buff to white colored crocks (sometimes with
Buff-colored flowers
but are slimmer, dull, and buff-colored. The feeding habit of the
HARRISON DEPOSIT BANK check on buff colored paper w/ nice blk
“Parchment” means the light tan or buff-colored membrane
comprised of dense, buff-colored rocky
timesheet (on buff colored paper)
comes with 100 acid free, buff colored pages
fill out the first page of the buff-colored Return Visit
fungus material that turn to buff-colored powdery masses of spores
here or there,” and yes, buff-colored paper, says Mr
bases of the hairs. The buff-colored hairs of the sides
produce a flattened buff-colored seed with scattered
stone. We descended through buff-colored buildings to the cellar
dividers by simply using some buff-colored liquid paper to cover
salty after-work snacks and as buff-colored dumplings for dinner
Mickleson began to make a soft mud buff colored brick. These were
the posterior. Four dense, buff-colored tussocks
estrogens generally occur as buff-colored powders
but my very first dog was a buff-colored Cocker-Spaniel
a buff-colored gelatinous matrix
YOU’RE clutching a buff-colored map of your new
Flying mallard on side. Empty buff colored box in excellent
Original blue paper boards, buff colored canvas spine, paper label
U.S. dollars. product info! Buff colored
Golden Memories Dog designs on buff-colored card stock
committee approval, an updated buff-colored application for
cancel (Bale #701), 85% full on buff colored stamp.

Poems About Me

The poems I like
Tend to be about me.
They speak to my
Condition of being
Who I am, and how
I got to be this way.
Sometimes they’re
Funny, but other
Times I could do
With a little more
Flattery. But after
All, it ought to be
Flattery enough
That the poems
Are about me,
Right? I suppose
I ought to ease up
A little, but it’s
So difficult when
I can’t get
Constant adulation
Beaming at me,
Keeping the lasers
From shooting
Out of me at
Innocent street
Lights. Bad
Lasers! No more
Oak bark
For your puckering
Flange until
You learn
How to be good
So that I don’t need
To crush
The thousands
Running around
Screaming in front
Of the blue screen.

Pablo Escobar Shopping T-Shirt

What I didn’t know when I put on my Tims
Was the groundhog was hiding from his creditors

All it took for that farmer to sell me on his zucchini bread
Was to exclaim in a stage voice how damn good it was

So I got out into this public space
Where I had no choice but to articulate

My varying resistance and acquiescence
To the alleged facts and context

As presented by an unseen voiceover
Whom I gathered wasn’t going to be my friend

My beautiful land
Exploited endlessly
For establishing shots
Nobody saying two words
About the ritual slaying

The Republican headquarters
Next door to the $0.99 store

So what! is what politics
Wants us to grow into

It wants to protect us
From an even greater false feeling

Jordan Davis is the author of the book Million Poems Journal I and II, and hosts a poetry/music talk show with a similar name. He is an editor, critic, and blogger (The Hat, Constant Critic, and Equanimity, respectively).

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