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Nada Gordon

Three poems

link Abnormal Discharge

link Lick My Face

link “A Gumby episode … ”

Abnormal Discharge

pill question? … medication… pippy
sex hurts :(
cuts and labia irritation
necessary to take all placebo pills?
wierd white/ yellowish vaginal discharge
High Viscosity in Sperm
possible pregnecy Elizabeth
possible pregnecy
vaginal discharge Jessica
Abnormal Pap Smear Jennifer
Abnormal Pap
Vaginal Itching and Peeling anon
Vaginal Itching and Peeling
chlamydia thru blood transfusion?
vagina size paranoid
vagina size
vagina size anonymous
bleeding after intercourse pippy
Breast Pimples (Professional, please)
White spots on breast Duala
White spots on breast anonymous
Duala White spots on breast anonymous
White spots on breast anonymous
White spots on breast
Could it be a cyst?
Vagina ‘bumps’ Duala
Vagina ‘bumps’ anonymous
Vagina ‘bumps’ anonymous
ovarian pains Jessica
ovarian pains anonymous
Painful intercourse Curious
Painful intercourse net
Brownish Redish discharge.
Amoxicillin and Depo Provera anonymous
My Period has been done for 5 days !! now have thick brown creamy like discharge can anyone help me out? Cindy
can hand warts lead to gential warts? A.L.
Did I have a possible miscarriage? Julie
Did I have a possible miscarriage?
Worries about ‘down there’ — scared terrified
Worries about ‘down there’ — scared anonymous
vaginal itching and swelling
Pink Stuff Anonymous
VERY SCARED should i be worried about this? Jeni
VERY SCARED should i be worried about this? martia
VERY SCARED should i be worried about this? Jeni
VERY SCARED should i be worried about this? martia
VERY SCARED should i be worried about this? jeni
VERY SCARED should i be worried about this? Cassie
Blood Clot? Worried
Fibroids Janice
air in vagina db
air in vagina anonymous
air in vagina amy
No Period! Katlyn
No Period!
oral sex sara
oral sex
Nervous Wreck anonymous
Nervous Wreck
Average sagging?
Average sagging?
Average sagging?
breast discharge-again irene
breast discharge-again Marisa Geller MD
Types of Vaginas??? Nila
Types of Vaginas??? Gretchen
Types of Vaginas??? Marisa
Weird discharge
Weird discharge Alicia
White bump near anus Cindy
White bump near anus
Weird period!! help!!! Lilac
Weird period!! help!!!
What’s going on here? Monica
way to orgasm ?
way to orgasm ? Jessica
Unusual question regarding problems with orgasm Chris
What is this???? Shaina
Considering Partial Hysterectomy Shaina
Considering Partial
genital appearances anonymous

Lick My Face

“Mouthwash is what remains when the puppy is housebroken.”

— Chinese proverb

W.D Snodgrass: I know that puppies are very inquisitive, that cologne is mistaken for mouthwash, and the cracked hearts of “inquisitive” robotic puppies, like balsamic vinegar, can get you drunk with impish eyes and olive flavored-jubilat flatulence. Puppies have very stinky farts, and never say excuse me … so rude.

Ann Lauterbach: Listen — I’ve seen the lost Bibles, the curling irons that hiss, he nylons that run. I’ve seen power failures, touchy tempers, and grumpy attitudes. I’ve seen the puppies grow up to be dogs, the women that breastfeed puppies, and the uneducated yahoos breeding puppies out of the violet night, I’ve even seen wind stir the chicken products, fish, French fries and hush puppies all fried in the same oil, and not halal, growing like art from the lacing winking raspberry and spidertea, and that’s not all I’ve seen.

Sapphire: What is terrible, even, rises, rolling in rhesus mouthwash, rhesus shoeshine, and rhesus oil enemas, a wolvenillusion. The ruined pot dreams of ignition, stress, thunder phobia, vet visits, and teething puppies; each molecule coddles its virtual puppy.

Muriel Rukeyser: Not only is life a bitch, but she’s always having puppies …

Mark Strand: Many lonely puppies chase their tails. And all kittens and puppies in all the blenders turn the creepy blue green color of mouthwash. Puppies. Funny, cute, pretty puppies. The funny, cute pretty puppies are silly.

Claudia Rankine: “Oh Birdie, “Mouthwash Man once said, “you’re such a consumer.” Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about puppies.

Mary Oliver: The words of the sprit wash over us to be a tranquil picture of things that repeat, of a puppy named Kuku, of sdrawkcab things like witch hazel, and holiday ear powder. Some puppies grow out of this druidic roll of the eyelid as they mature into a kind of olive-flavored funtongue scatterplot mouthwash (gargoyle).

W.S. Merwin: I know we are bound to the earth with a liter of rambunctious puppies, flatulent, oblivious to their own fate growling at desire’s green thread or the milk snake’s slippery pants.

Peter Gizzi: Mouthwash spits now from its leaf-wing. My dog dines on the dead. Maybe dogs want to be like us: curly … racing … Out of the good doggie’s wreck, inwardness forms on the inside of the cap

Sharon Olds: and that mouthwash cannibal tenderly enters the soul of some mortal cur.

“A Gumby episode … ”

A Gumby episode in which the zookeeper tells Gumby the lion has died. Soon after, Gumby purchases from a puffy WC Fields-ish salesman at a pet shop a strange bee whose instinct it is to build crates around animals. With Pokey, his trusty steed, Gumby goes to Africa to capture a new lion for the zoo. The strange bee, in its zeal, builds crates around not just a lion, but also a rhinoceros, a gorilla, and Gumby, whom Pokey rescues from his crate with the aid of a hammer. Gumby brings all of the animals back to the zoo. At Gumby’s recognition ceremony, the bee somehow escapes from its cage and quickly builds crates around everyone — Gumby, Pokey, the zookeeper, and all the audience members. Thus, the status of ANIMAL is conferred upon human beings, as well as to creatures of indefinable material such as Gumby.

Nada Gordon is the author of Foriegnn Bodie (Detour), Are Not Our Lowing Heifers Sleeker Than Night-Swollen Mushrooms? (Spuyten Duyvil), Swoon (with Gary Sullivan, Granary Books), and V. Imp (Faux Press).

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