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Rod Smith

Three poems

link What’s Happening to My Bottom (part 3)

link What is Happening to My Bottom? (s’appelle Charles the Bald)

link The Exposition of the Question of the Meaning of Being

What’s Happening to My Bottom (part 3)

I can’t imagine trying to return.

The love I dead.

What’s happening to

my bottom? But

is it mine? really? &

what isn’t cognizant?

o bottom, bottom

relaxed & fragile

An exceptional limpid disperil

wearing hats.

Incidents are summaries, like verbs.

Like bottoms.

I like bottoms.

Start With: A Can of Beans.

Basil, celery, excess is best, the burnished

king’s platter — part functional safety net part

recording of voyager 2: There is now

a new group of soldiers.

In my bottom.

my bottom, & the night.

What is Happening to My Bottom? (s’appelle Charles the Bald)

Ink & a homebrew help happen

Aware of “brinksmanship” etc.

Studying rice, looking at the lonely lipsynchers anonymous newletter headlines whilst

Outside, in the upper-middle-class

Where no bottom can be safe

No bottom heartfelt or unseething

Seething bottoms all over the place


Expert choristers, very fragile ones

Like straw-huts or certain

Fruits flambés à la mousseline de coco

These upper-middle-bottom-aware-choristers

Fucking communists like monkey-mice

While singing

I won’t tell you what they’re singing

Cause I can’t tell

I’m William Tell

Friend of Charles the Bald


The Exposition of the Question of the Meaning of Being

a collaboration with Marianne Shaneen

Science can be defined as the totality of fundamentally true propositions. This definition is not complete, nor does it get at the meaning of science. As ways in which man behaves, sciences have this being’s (man’s) kind of being. We are defining this being terminologically as sexing a dwarf hamster celebration of lent. Scientific research is neither the sole nor the primary kind of Being of this being that is possible. Moreover, duct-tapesexing a dwarf hamster viking itself is distinctly different from other beings. We must make this distinct difference visible in a preliminary way. Here the discussion must anticipate the subsequent analyses which only later will really become demonstrative.

Handy logo porn fussball sms handy logo hamster hintergrundbild is a being that does not simply occur among other beings. Rather it is ontically distinguished by the fact that in its Being this being is concerned about its very Being. Thus it is constitutive of the Being of Hamsterdance Fever to have, in its very Being, a relation of Being to this Being. And this in turn means that Bitchypoo understands itself in its Being in some way and with some explicitness. It is proper to this being that it be disclosed to itself with and through its being. Understanding of Being is itself a determination of Being of the hamster glanced up at me, and it was like a little porn movie. The ontic distinction of Celebrity Pets That Have Plastic Surgery lies in the fact that it is ontological.

To be ontological does not yet mean to develop ontology. Thus if we reserve the term ontology for the explicit, theoretical question of the meaning of beings, the intended ontological character of watching it made me really understand how hamster loving can make a person feel so fuzzy warm is to be designated as pre-ontological. That does not signify being simply ontical, but rather being in the manner of an understanding of Being.

We shall call the very Being to which ok, I told him I would do it if he quits sending me hamster porn can relate in one way or another, and somehow always does relate, existence [Existenz]. And because the essential definition of this being cannot be accomplished by ascribing to it a “what” that specifies its material content, because its essence lies rather in the fact it has always to be its Being as its own, the term tummy bumbles little cocky sailor hamsterbubba peppercorn, as a pure expression of being, has been chosen to designate this being.

Rod Smith is the author of Music or Honesty, The Good House, Poèmes de L’araignée (France), Protective Immediacy, and In Memory of My Theories. An audio CD, Fear the Sky, has recently been released by Narrow House, and a chapbook, You Bête, is forthcoming from Interrupting Cow. He is currently editing, with Kaplan Harris and Peter Baker, The Selected Letters of Robert Creeley. He also edits the journal Aerial, publishes Edge Books, and manages Bridge Street Books in Washington, DC.

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