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Christina Strong

Two Poems:

link Don’t prufrock me!

link You need a valium (or bored with blogs)

Don’t prufrock me!

What set us apart was our diversity

A simple how to

Now maybe it’s just me, but when I think of x y z

the last thing that comes to mind is sex

I picture number 34 instead,

Sweetness, the greatest …

Reintroduce the WHITE pants!

Life should be just a little harder …

Codex has it listed as an extension for: pig machine.

And God said Let there be dry ice

It’s staggering how far we have come since then …

on how the family uses the … past 20 Years as a crutch …

each in their very own fashion took parted hairs

Peepshow Airport Puffer Machines!

White belts also return to the club’s asspants

Pass the time by rubbing elbows

mimic the functions

I wanna see some BAD hair source code!

Back in the days of comment fields …


Pardon? Your pronunciation sounds just like his!

It must be just the gum cracking. Your ass.

It screamed: A MOWHAWK IS A BAD FRO!

And yet to stand out is… antiquated? Flush left?

Don’t prufrock me; twenty years ago we were both writing basic.

You need a valium
(or bored with blogs)

I wrote a wonderful essay once
I buried it, along with your clothes
A tiny bird told you where to dig
And thus, many years passed
The system still has no reform
And the following is just a perspective

In 1837 I was a maid and I loved
Your big beauty mansion
I am one of the senior cadres
I develop de recherché
That stupid bird, a starling,
Cashed up phrases like globalization …

Lot of dot cons birds waiting for their stock
It was the 15th of Mars, in the year of…
Black ribbon, printable version, or draft
to wage peace, naked objects
meet the interface, my name is Larry
I was once on a hit tv show …

the biotech trade map for seizure
birds, like parrots in the trees
arguing about form, a crisis, quabble
I carry a benchmark
a coven a fairy tale fantasy popularity
contest for those in the know and who ain’t …

Christina Strong is a poet and designer. Her chapbook Utopian Politics was just published by Faux Press. Her poems have appeared in POM2, Shampoo, and a number of other journals. She is the editor of Openmouth Press (recent titles include: Accede, Pardon Our Progress, and The Sunday Morning Anthology).

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