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Daniel Kane

Ostentation of Peacock (I counted eighty-five tail feathers)

This piece is 5,500 words or about 7 printed pages long.

A group of peacocks is called an ostentation of peacocks a muster of peacocks there is
mustard and there is stuffing oh the beef we kill the cow to eat its meat I render a cloud a
buzzard hornet whatever the sky knows what to do as long as I tell it to I say beef is in
the oven here it comes served up smiling note harmonious welcome to my heap big meal.

I’ve got a real pain in my stomach today it is the pain of sorrow this is my candid
admission little butter cup little ladybird oh little fox terrier designed so cute is that you
Jordana don’t make me blush I know I have terrifically gorgeous big brown eyes
eyelashes that some people insist are made ostentatious through mascara do you like me.

YES I sniff airplane glue YES I am generally engorged with pleasure YES you are
absolutely delightful have you prepared the meat plate and when is the weather actually
going to happen what is now predicted has been predicted and will come true as has
always been predicted a couple of long notes before the horrid claw gets through the gate.

Those things that are pretty include a little pot of peat or buzzard or bee well what else is
there to say I haven’t had a delicious plate of ribs in gosh I don’t know how long I
wonder what Aaron Belz is doing now is he fishing or is he watching TV every now and
then getting up off his Christian ass to adjust the rabbit ears Aaron dig right in it’s beef.

Feed mixed grains game bird crumbles and a variety of greens to the Indian Blue the
Black-shouldered one the White and the Pied and make sure to preheat the oven to two
hundred degrees as we sing our song to the bird who hardly ever becomes sick remember
the one peacock that lived to be forty years old remember his lofty spirit his eyes divine.

It’s true I’m afraid of my own death OK fine so why are you still bothering me shall I
extend the discussion of the realism shall we see in respect that everything is a kind of
documentary show a clip provide us with snapshots of a vanishing age how things once
were when monsters waltzed the earth what is there my lobelia my anus my big fat anus.

As Jordana reported few peacock species are used for food except in the less civilized
places where they are found in nature and when a tree wavers it does so not out of
nervousness or insecurity but because the wind has rustled it would that our lives were so
simple along the lines of the peafowl who naturally do not stray far from home.

The ferocity of the grizzly bear as it pounces on the peacock oh dear the peacock’s being
ripped to shreds by the bear cackle ACK ACK better idea to tear apart creepy K— E— or
awful John Palattella believe in hidden impulses embrace the bear within nurture the
dwarf roast the ocelot undo the unbelievable lips drench the besotted American cod.

I am generally engorged with pleasure I enjoy a good steak I love ice-cream especially
when it is free I tend to stay away from modified or processed food products though fizzy
cola bottle gummies which some continue to insist is made out of horse gelatin still gives
me heap big kicks hey the wind just rustled oh that it would forever can you make it so.

We love them most of the time though they make obnoxious mating calls a face can turn
into a camel’s face under the right conditions couples can resemble the dogs they own
when we look out a window in a city during the night and see light past other people’s
windows well I’m sentimental the word ‘tender’ the word ‘foreskin’ a weeping stranger.

No surprise peacock beautiful to behold but to touch the peacock is only asking for
trouble it would be best if we stuck to our neck of the woods and they stuck to theirs they
can eat grain we can make grilled cheese sandwiches avoid flares of color while the
games-keeper with his brush and pan sweeps the feathers off the tarmac of the manse.

He wanted her she wanted him they were very interested in taking each other’s clothes
off there is such a thing as desire which trembles with rhyme we are very interested in the
basics we continue to be so like monastic restraint like blue pitcher full of water like wind
in nostril like AAK yeah people enjoy polar bears they like seals barking ponies rolling.

Kathryn calls him The Hedgehog oh come on come on angrily the Monster is loose and
has dragged the bird so far into the crummy forest that all hope is lost what about the
inner eye and I ain’t talking asshole mister for example the ontological argument of the
moving picture with its great abilities the way a horror movie is for example Blood Feast.

Someone asked me why my interest in peacocks aren’t we all interested don’t we enjoy
their insane cry don’t we love going to the Bible Garden behind St. John the Divine to
impress our date with the two peacocks who make their home there the swing set an old
woman who waylays you asking what you read the occasional priest fierce with anger.

I enjoy the night sky just like a lot of folk do I love the way the wind makes a mysterious
home in the night sky I love the flap of a wing I love the duck that roasts in my oven I
love all my friends who love me for my love of roasting a variety of game and farm birds
I used to love Dr. Pepper but now it’s more about loving the night sky and some wind.

A man said the turtle’s poking its head out of the shell a man said I’m going to lay some
cable a man said I’m going to pinch a loaf a man said I’m going to crop spray a man said
I’m going to drop the kids off at the pool Lewis said withered vine Lewis said old tree
Lewis said lean horse Lewis said sun there sky’s edge oh again she said more she said.

Dry lives a curtsying daisy scents filters and silks the lord of the rings the fellowship of
the rings life on a string my girl Friday extremely large nipples the little foxes the cranes
are flying a man with a rubber head the truck Jenny’s hand the truck in Boom Town
Jenny and the Man with the Rubber Hand Jenny and the peacock the truck the truck.

Oh flap and insane cry I wonder why it is that none of the poets like me and by that I’m
talking literally except for Lisa except for Aaron except for Ange except for Tonya
except for Lytle except for Lewis except for Chris though he is suspicious except for
Betsy Bull I am too ostentatious I will take fire uh oh here comes creepy-crawly K— E—

The Fellowship is a bright island threatened by countless orcs in the surrounding
darkness that is only ameliorated when the glorious peacock deigns to saunter forth with
its bright plumage spread there is so much light emitted I love the way that the bird
refuses this earthly life well the peacock bear in mind was once pillaged in this place.

Tomorrow there will be great delight as Jordana shows everyone her hairy arms and
bearded clam and popcorn will be made in which the pot that it is made in does not burn
the flesh off the poor boy’s wrist there are cultures where gaps are praised gap toothed
women are praised large gap Lauren Hutton exquisitely beautiful NOT A ROBOT.

Oh my peacock did you come here on a spaceship was the spaceship protected by a high
reflectance screen how did you get those blues and oranges is that orange we cannot
move into the painted portions of your frame without seeming to disappear richer and
warmer with orange and coral bright green and yellow spaceships blinking taking off.

Some of them wouldn’t but you wouldn’t want to be with them anyway oh what is mauve
mother what is purple what is teal mother take love and root it into our hearts take it and
root it for glorious bird that sings not from the tree but from the amusing bush or hedge
calls forth great laughter and marzipan week after week day in day out yeah doggie style.

Mount a bird fuck it good lube it up yeah go nuts dart your tongue down the bird’s throat
then rub the bird on fallen snow drag the bird up to Earth’s orison hire the sun as the
bird’s chariot spew on the wing pat bird cum on K— E— time your own cum in time for
‘Jeopardy’ creepy K— E— recounts bird rape in his blog cry oh boy heap scratchy lay.

I am afraid of the one who is carrying the blade gleaming and sharp I am so gentle in
comparison I sing hallelujah with reverent voice I drive the car divine and when the elder
calls angels and peacocks in dance in life eternal I come whirling down happy basically
I’m so much nicer than most people I know I cheerfully arise out of flesh into spirit.

We all woke up a little and ate some pepperoni and to the one that led us here waxing in
beauty our tongues moved to speak and we urged him in whom power lay to save us from
perdition to even perhaps help us develop some special moves for the peacock dance that
we were working on and so he revived with what hymns and opened as a rose into violet.

And so a trumpet blew the air cold and we ran down the street and around the block in
mad hope to find Ding-Dong Valley where we could be safe where angel music and
whatnot and Indians without garbage would welcome us as into a heavenly realm sure we
were scared but the blazing peacock eyes that illuminated our way sure helped I tell you.

Why worry about the Beast with pointed tail remember the beef’s still in the oven we’ve
got BEEF BEEF things like that ignore the horrid shaggy armpits and the stained noose
hanging from the chandelier Lisa’s here that helps Thomas with his hilarious manifold
hatreds is here that’s pretty great too and maybe Joe will show up and blow a trumpet.

Even as the ostentation of peacock at the sound of the trumpet blast went flocking
through the welkin with quicker wing than anyone thought possible another then
appeared whose cheek grief distilled with water and we called to the gods as was our
habit and asked her name for we wished to clasp her it’s that old let me hold you impulse.

B — i — ngo B — i — ngo B — i — ngo and bingo were her name-o there was a farmer big fat
fuck and cuntface fucking assflaps B — i — ngo B — i — ngo B — i — ngo and cuntface was
her name-o there was a twat its sanguine flaps and bingo were her name-o B — i — ngo B — i — ngo B — i — ngo and bingo were her name o there was a cunt its snout so long and bing

The terrific grasshopper story your own experience whilst under the influence of drugs
the prison trials the enormous tribe of ostrich the unbelievable sight of a valley full of
ostriches the incredible vision of a gulf humming with peacocks anticipating objections to
your argument your lovely brassiere persons people public a say person sitting on a lawn.

Note generic arguments about documentaries note ontological arguments note that in
effect what is essentially documentary is laid over the top of the heart approach watch
and talk a little bit let the pure visual effect of watching stuff approach the action of the
movement of trees how does this allow us to approach other sorts of shows discuss a clip.

Place a sprig of daisy on the beef watch the evil trolls scamper no trolls allowed here
sorry boys now with the white then with the yellow and then with the violet take the key
unblock the passage let the girl banging on the door into the feast humbly request or
devoutly fall in front of the Bird Divine and then oh do discover what it is she has to say.

My feelings for you run deeper than the highest mountain I love everything about you
even the way you make me suicidal when you poopoo my ideas everywhere I go I think I
see you Pams House Liquid Ponanas even School Daze at LCR I would have sworn I saw
you at Primark the other day but when I called out you didn’t reply I love it the most —

Not a refined or generous idea was ever born in this place never before have I entertained
so low an idea of the beauty and perfection of man’s nature never have I seen humanity
in so degraded a shape as here ignorance vulgarity rudeness conceit and dullness are the
reigning gods of this deuced sink of despair who said that Jeremy you sent it to me.

Um boys you should know that in Hinduism the image of the god of thunder rains and
war Indra was depicted in the form of a peacock in south India peacock is considered as a
‘vahana’ or vehicle of lord Muruga the figure of peacock is painted in various Islamic
religious buildings in Christianity the peacock is known as symbol of the ‘Resurrection’.

Like in India people believe that whenever the cock spread its tails in an ornamental
fashion it indicates that rain is imminent in a way it is partly true at the sight of dark
clouds the bird outspreads its tail and starts dancing in rhythmic fashion most of the
folklore including Bharatha Natyam has got special dancing poses for the peacock dance.

Fat fuck cuntface fucking assflaps b — i — ngo and cuntface was her name-o scratching her
butt her still banging on the door hoping admission she list colors we kiss big fat crane
together we enjoy flying man with rubber head the truck here’s Jenny her hand the Truck
in Boom Town Jenny’s kiss used to be don’t imagine nice bright honks from The Truck.

Perhaps there is a tale to be told still to be told I wonder what Ron Silliman will say about
that will he say anything about that I’ve always wondered whether people think I’m
hostile or whether I’m correct and it’s them that are hostile I wish I could be happy living
in the Bible Garden behind the Big Cathedral to be one of those two peacocks preening.

Have a cup of coffee it is an earthly delight spend forty minutes a day with pornography
earthly delight kick some fuck in the face feel HEAP STRONG demand the deaths of
your enemies wonder what it would be like if God in all His majesty was dressed in a
peacock robe the eyespots of the peacock feathers His many eyed all seeing checks BEEF

For the satanic dwarf K— E— must be spangled by a thousand bright lights and colors
what distinguishes a color from a light what is the color black and what happens to it in
the context of physics demand the deaths of your enemies if you must though the three
great monotheistic religions preach love what’s so a priori great about monotheism.

I wish beauty wasn’t fleeting it’s grating that it is even Jordana’s ass which was so damn
inspiring has begun its descent there is something about the peacock’s feathers that
suggests the possibility for eternal beauty which is I guess what I’m trying to get at here
though let’s face it I’m failing dismally Ponce De Leon went to Puerto Rico for it.

I’d rather be the troubadours than Dante Burns one of Shakes’ Songs than any long poem
built on a plan but them early natural days don’t come no more this — that — it’s there
though I don’t even bother to jot the things down any more after I get home it’s not
sterility I’m afraid of it’s just there’s as much juice here I think as in anybody or more.

— when you get super enthusiastic about things that we’re talking about in class and
when you leave us alone and tell us can I trust you to talk about this I want to scream out
Yes I will do anything you ask of me I long to do the love with you Kane O were I to be a
finger in that pocket I know you probably wouldn’t consentingly do the love with me —

This — that — it’s there — right now — not a cow but a peacock — not an ocelot but an
ostrich — the links between the two birds are I suspect intuitively manifold — she who
bangs the door is chewing gum — she blows a terrible blast on her toy trumpet — which is
right now happening — a flutter of wings — the wind — Lisa’s weird camel face — Bart.

And me oh my my patterned shirt with flowers on it I am exotic I am delightful in my
brightly patterned shirt it is this that I put on in the face of death this lovely flower
patterned shirt this violet and pink and blue and green and white and flowered printed
shirt the death tremors the shirt when the shirt is on less death tremors more confidence.

The circle of the lustful comforts me also stable patterns strings a long sustained note on
the violin a long sustained and barely perceptible note on the French horn oh a long bird’s
neck the way it so often turns into a question mark most especially the swan a fine game
bird in the olden days before becoming protected by our lovely Queen’s royal decree.

Even dream of smooth integration into peafowl vagina creepy K— E— and we will know
and you will be punished perhaps sent into woeful battle forever forbidden entrance into
gorgeous Ding-Dong Valley you will also be trod upon first by an elephant and then by a
whale at the judge’s discretion you shall eternally trudge through darkness you fuck-wad.

Imagine wanting a penis instead of a vagina imagine lopping off your perfectly healthy
breasts so you can appear more manly imagine attaching a fake penis to where your labia
used to be imagine that it looks like a penis that’s been run over by a truck now imagine
someone loving you imagine waking up it’s morning looking forward to evening’s beef.

Malte Andersson please carry out some seminal research in the area of female choice
please study long-tailed widow birds whose males have tails one and a half meters long
and court by jumping in the air in the prairies where they live where they can be seen for
a kilometer and a half Malte please cut some males’ tails short down to 14 centimeters.

This morning I woke up ENGORGED with pleasure only to receive a phone call from
The Snake letting me know my loved ones were being held hostage somewhere in the
Docklands but don’t even try to call the police or else they’re all gonna get a bullet to the
head so I did what I had to do I attached spurs to the claws of my peacock mounted guns.

Purple flowery red pink against blue an expectorant one hand washes the other oh what
hairy grace today many colors crowds resenting America for all it has done to the
peacocks and house bulbs my body heavy with artichoke pesto mad myself what grace in
these here muscles and sinews sheet of flesh opening up shooting stars archery archery.

At dinner we chant we are fertile material equal in desire equal in rhyme we are against
the West we assume that being easy and fun is enough for a day no more poignant than
revolution are we all new all the time what we have in mind is a circle a bond a plethora
of forms and constructions that fill us with frenzied joy as a bespattered city block.

And by the way if you doubt that heaven is on earth than just go to the Bible Garden
behind St. John the Divine and gaze upon the two peacocks that make their home there
let your words get lost in the opus of peacock squeal and children’s cries who study at the
Cathedral School despite the churchy overtones no God just dumb born songs and light.

Square after square that are alive please elongate male birds’ tails purple flowery red pink
my cock popped blue out her mouth satiric and loose an urban night a harbor an art that is
alive an iconoclastic impulse to produce night the wind whispers and repeats itself a car
backs up stalls and backfires set and cut into shadow into night where is our supper.

First curse my enemies with this chant curse the treacherous John Palattella of the
thieving heart curse the satanic dwarf K— E— curse all who have failed to see the beauty
of my manifold eyes my gorgeous gown my long spangled train curse them to the edge of
the ocean curse them into the ocean the waves shall crash over their perfidious heads.

NOT A ROBOT am I but a small yellow pear a crab-apple a tiny lump of fat a tinker
actually considerably taller than a wren and then I reach out to you oh my darling I shake
my tail-feathers baby so alive am I so in love with buttocks and fish that my mother’s
very words ‘Danny you will be a great lover’ are sure to be made true shall be my legacy.

The Blue Apollo boy butterfly after fucking seals the genitalia of the girl with a sticky
chemical the seal only breaks when her eggs are laid not a butterfly to fuck around with
the peacock on the other hand acts like he’s eating head to the ground the potential mate
rushes over for a bite only to be seduced by his shining tail then everyone happily huphup

Malte please elongate other male birds’ tails please show that females do choose and
what they want are males with long tails preferably artificially enhanced please observe a
group of male peacocks and then clip the eye spots out of half the males’ tails just the eye
spots not the tail length please discover that females prefer males with the most eye spots.

This is what I fear that I am never invited to the things I should be invited to that I have
become too old to be properly loved that they do not think it worth their while to love me
though I am eminently loveable unlike the horrifying Blue Apollo boy butterfly if I was a
little taller perhaps if I was bit more chilly and long but I appall so many I fall short.

I’d like to build myself more stately quarters than this but I just can’t afford it I can’t
afford to have a variety of game birds deer and antelope wandering around this estate for
the vile pleasure of some incestuous aristocrats I need more money than I get I am a very
bitter gamekeeper no little Peter or Demeter to amuse me to blow me a wonderful blast.

What might it be like to dart tongue in Jordana vagina what might it be like to be tongued
in asshole by little David what will it be like when I urinate on delightful Emily’s face
how do animals let us know something is theirs within a circle remember the orangutan
in Manila how he used to bend over and piss on you succulent um uh warm arc.

Every day we wake up every day and a little stroke and squirt some pineapple perhaps a
banana milkshake sea daisy so ambitious and the sky is well blue and the well wind and
where does that wind come from does it rustle can you feel my fingers guiding the wind
against your fair cheek can you feel the little hairs on my legs startle yours awake.

Tomoko had a party last night which I could not go to the party was with beans and rice the party was with vodka there were white people and black people there all highly
suspicious of each other I suspect they preened and pranced and strutted rich purple
mouths consuming poultry wind against her window and uh people do that peacock strut.

People do that peacock strut uh huh using harsh and grating rimes like he goats rancorous
they butt against each other their anger is uncontrolled they are hungry for the beef
though we are not sure if they deserve the beef they trample on each others’ feet and look
how they move away from the catering hall despondent o blessed herald begot by Grace.

We eat cracked corn we eat wheat we eat snakes like candy we eat grasshoppers we eat
cat-food grubs green grass we eat drunk wasps then we get drunk cricket sure we’ll eat it
we wouldn’t mind some possum either we eat poison and thrive we eat leggy spiders
crayfish lizards we eat beans we eat rice coyotes eat us we run away from danger.

In glorious Ding-Dong Valley there are no floods you’ll be safe no evil coyotes no
creepy-crawly K— E— you can walk along the forest-encrusted streets safe from fire and
other ravages you can bake bread and sleep on mattresses stuffed with rosemary and your
downtime can be spent with us wing-tip to wing-tip in circles throbbing with song.

Tituba Tituba the girls are barking Tituba Tituba all guttural and witchy-like what the
fuck is going on who’s Tituba what’s up with the chants the fear that’s being aroused at
the sight of our nice wholesome girls enchanted into some kind of demonic sexual ritual
involving John Palattella lederhosen and a kid named Martin oh save the intelligent girls.

Good love is purportedly all we need good loving baby but I have my doubts for example
if I’m squeezed tight by my baby I don’t always feel immediately better it is not the cure
for my fever it is not all I really need even if you give me that loving I might not
automatically think this world of ours terrific however if combined with roast game well.

I am Hercules struggling with Death and I am the beloved about to die I will hold a baby
in my arms and not age even as that child dies I will remove stickers from products
tattoos from bodies racial characteristics from faces I will remove the body from
consideration and leave you like old days as pure spirit which Ron Silliman can critique.

I speak to ask you to ply the bark with sail get the oars even if we’re still indoors
enjoying the meal for lo were I to stand and all respect forgo and ask B-i-n-g-o cuntface
fucking assflaps to come on in well the lady in the manner of a lover might resume her
singing and the demons would drop oiled clammy pitch upon us that would totally suck.

Are you enjoying the beef dinner I so lovingly prepared for you with your heart in mind
vegetables and sauce and the presence of He Who is Most Holy the Royal Bird of Ages
Most Divine do feel free to take more potatoes what you wish to caress me sure please
touch me chiefly if it means your tongue my balls my thumb your mouth oh boy HUP.

But opening up mines and look I would say to this kindly being Hercules struggling with
death it is true again more quietly and then time gallops time gallops withal I wonder if
he knew that he was quoting Shakespeare the word surcharged or landslides I could have
wished for him I could have made him look I would say through a secret door.

— but if you do I will cook you things like curry and samosas but they will have to be
vegetable samosas as I am a vegetarian we can have apple pie for pudding if ever you
need anything just put an X on your window that I can see and I will come with singular
freshness and poignancy I will come with blinking hazards to bombard you with my love.

Are you ready for discussion of the Absolute Beauty Absolute Truth Absolute Goodness
the victorious mouth and don’t forget the bird shining with its own lights emblazoned
many-eyed near a box of oranges and a temporarily happy child her curled hair her skull
insides intricate remind us a song sung as school-children sounds an echo.

A girl goes out for firewood and is taken by a bear to his cave where he offers her a feast
of peacock he admits regret for not having an ostentation of peacock on the grill but big
peacock can feed small army the girl realizes she’s left home she’s encountered a
problem she’s um talking to um a bear there’s another um really bad congenital problem.

Ginkgo leaf drifts light peacock green peacock and pheasant flowering tree ginkgo biloba
buckbeans narcissus recently realized peacock blue base distance from ginkgo DNA
sequence Japanese maple flowering kale maiden hair tree Yulan magnolia one part is
grieving heart slays a peacock cornerstone beige peacock’s proud colors probable root.

Mother and Father press loins against each other to this day indeed my mum’s stated
quite clearly that her favorite position’s doggie style which interestingly enough is mine
too Helena once said yeah doggie style is hot as I was like they say giving it to her doggie
style how do peacocks mate is the expected question at this point do they do it doggie.

We used to have tails we know this and love it though we rarely discuss it the coccyx is
still a vestigial reminder though so we can always tap it or something if we want to hark
back to those fun times I wonder what my tail might have looked like probably nice and
long monkey like that’s what my tail would’ve looked like yeah nice and monkey like.

Moms busted a nut all over John Palattella’s face for which we are grateful an ostentation
of peacock was brought out for the celebratory feast though the more conventional
among us clamored for BEEF BEEF things like that the creepy K— E— thought he was
invited but he wasn’t oh the laughter at his chagrin we drowned him in a cute brooklet.

Who will turn into an animal me you who will hark our soft moist flesh when shall we
hear the sirens sing again let alone the peacock’s mournful squawk ought we to truly try
and soar aloft if not why not never did nature or art convey such rapture to me as these
creatures fair that reflect me in their many eyes I uplift mine eyes I strew red blossoms.

What wonders these what revelry of flashing rays no greater marvel is there than in thee
unhindered shuffling around adorned madly in the basin of Ding-Dong Valley oh happy
waddling friends all breathing crying the beauty which we see here I’m so happy I just
want to pound away doggie-style to celebrate this our vast and happy sea of being.

To wake up a little and nibble on some pepperoni to receive tidings to press and slide and
squeeze and snack on a tit or two to finger a wet teen slit to break from the dance and
stop in silence listening for a chord that radiates from Grace the very darling feeling for
to dedicate my love with laughter to Her as the birds centre upon us like a chapel round.

As the birds centre upon us like a chapel round as they breathe as they beget as at these
my words their desire ascends as I lead them from within the sun where I had entered into
greater colors manifest to me I summon blazing eyes and pink violet blue green and
white so sweet in the voice and bright the laughter ostentation of peacock circling round.

How did the peacock get his tail this question has tormented zoologists for more than a
century the wind is currently rustling the leaves of the gingko tree and outside in the
square is a playground with a toddler sized swing set climbing jungle and slide if we
close our eyes really tightly and wait the whole universe Ding-Dong Valley moving.

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