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John Kinsella

Graphology 590: Peak

Language having reached peak, the slide
into plagiarism, blackmarketeering of syntax,
electrolysis of grammar, inevitable. Became,
lifted like cascade, warbled in magpie tune-ups;
to flex shades, shadows, pleasures, comforts,
shopping reflex; caravaners fringing countries;
sourcing alternative energies, green as ground-down,
pillaging three mine policies and upper antes
dug over, extrapolated, wood-chipped,
wearing overalls and safety goggles: I found
the pair we lost cutting wild oats before summer,
clear as a bell on a rocky outcrop, mini-
breakaway, the maker or publisher
guarding reputation, owning orders,
licenses to drill-core, Google, Wikipedia,
edit as you go purchase-power,
reading habits, ingénues,

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