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Adam Fieled

Apparition Poems


three red flags, each winnowed
          around multi-colored stones,
is how I’ve been hit,

           how I’ve been gutted


feet tap linoleum,
    shadow-play rhythm;
not to be dogged,
    nerves infra-reddened


“in order to”
lose those blueberry shackles
“fight hegemony”
in moose-like context

I don’t know how to


after all
you’re still



never you worry
on the table


“I have
eaten no
is what
I told
the trope-


cut short,
but that’s
alright, as
I feel cut
also, by
short kin,


no room for thought
glare on potted plants

flawlessly dumbstruck


your face
beige wall
it’s pictured

not that I
can reach


you’ll see
it’s urban
as grease,

breaths I

take in a
rush like
this, this


éclairs conspire
all in a line

I’m hungry

for them to
be written


my hands measure
hyena arousal
as my mouth laughs

my my

Adam Fieled

Adam Fieled

Adam Fieled is a poet, critic, and musician. He has released four albums, including two spoken word collections, “Raw Rainy Fog” (Radio Eris Records, 2002), and “Virtual Pinball/Madame Psychosis” (WSG Productions, 2006), edits the blog-journal PFS Post, and has work in or forthcoming in Dusie, Eratio, Mipoesias, Blazevox, Word For/Word, Rain Taxi, Ocho, Cake Train, Words Dance, Great Works, Cordite, and Nth Position. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he also holds an MFA in poetry from New England College and is a University Fellow and PHD candidate at Temple University.