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Poets at the 2009 Sydney Writers Festival:

20 to 24 May 2009: Australia: Sydney: various venues by the sparkling Harbour: literary hundreds of events, many of them free. For a program of all events:

ROBERT ADAMSON (Australia) has published over 20 books of verse and prose. ::: Event 151

ADAM AITKEN (Australia) is the author of four poetry collections and a PhD thesis on Asian-Australia literature. His latest collection is Eighth Habitation. ::: Event 234

THE AUBURN POETS AND WRITERS GROUP (Australia) is a dynamic, multilingual group who write about connections between places, spaces and people. ::: Event 48, 212, 328

EMILY BALLOU (Australia) is a poet, screenwriter and novelist. In 1997 she was awarded the Judith Wright Prize for Poetry for her poemEnter. ::: Event 89, 107

CATHERINE BATESON (Australia) writes poetry, verse novels and novels for both younger readers and young adults. Her latest release is Magenta McPhee. ::: Event 15, 32, 51

JUDITH BISHOP (Australia) is a poet, linguist and translator. Event, her first collection, was shortlisted in the 2008 Victorian and Queensland Premier’s Awards. ::: Event 3, 220

EDWINA BLUSH (Australia) is a jazz vocalist, songwriter and poet. She is a three-time winner of the National Poetry Debate. ::: Event 136, 256, 273

PETER BOYLE (Australia) is a multi-award winning poet, translator and teacher. The Apocrypha of William O’Shaunessy will be released in 2009. ::: Event 315

MARGARET BRADSTOCK (Australia) is the co-editor of Five Bells for the Poets Union, and Honorary Visiting Fellow at UNSW. ::: Event 168, 321

MICHAEL BRENNAN (Australia) is a poet whose work has been translated into French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Italian. His second collection is Unanimous Night. ::: Event 3

PAM BROWN (Australia) won the NSW Premier’s Prize for Poetry in 2004. Her most recent collection is True Thoughts. She co-edits Jacket magazine. ::: Event 315

JOANNE BURNS (Australia) is a poet. Her collection an illustrated history of dairies was shortlisted for the Kenneth Slessor Prize. ::: Event 168

ASHLEY CHATTO (Australia) is a jazz and classical guitarist/composer and arranger/pianist. ::: Event 67, 140, 204, 275, 341

JULIE CHEVALIER’s (Australia) poem Women of Antiquity 2002 was joint runner-up for the Overland Magazine Judith Wright Poetry Prize for New and Emerging Poets 2008. ::: Event 45

MTC CRONIN (Australia) has published 14 collections of poetry including several in translation, the latest being The Flower, The Thing. ::: Event 131

BENITO DI FONZO (Australia) is the author of the verse novel Her, Leaving As the Acid Hits and an arts writer for The Sydney Morning Herald. ::: Event 218

STEPHEN EDGAR (Australia) has published six collections of poetry. In 2006 he was awarded the Philip Hodgins Memorial Medal for excellence in literature. ::: Event 75

BROOK EMERY is the current chair of the Poets Union ::: Event 106

MARJORIE EVASCO (Philippines) is a Filipina poet who writes in English and Cebuano-Visayan. Supported by the Philippine Consulate General, Sydney. ::: Event 107, 343

MICHAEL FARRELL (Australia) won the inaugural Barrett Reid Prize for a poetry manuscript. His most recent book is a raiders guide. ::: Event 3, 220

MARCELLE FREIMAN (Australia) is a poet and a lecturer in the Department of English at Macquarie University. ::: Event 321

JANE GIBIAN (Australia) is a Sydney poet whose most recent collection is Ardent. ::: Event 3, 259

ROBERT GRAY (Australia) has published eight volumes of poetry. His memoir, The Land I Came Through Last, was published in 2008. ::: Event 3, 76, 107, 259

HELEN HAGEMANN’s (Australia) collection Evangelyne & Other Poems is her first literary publication. ::: Event 29

JENNIFER HARRISON’s (Australia) fourth poetry collection, Folly & Grief, was published in 2006. Her work has been widely anthologised. ::: Event 119

JS HARRY (Australia)is the author of many collections of verse, including Not Finding Wittgenstein. ::: Event 75

ELIZABETH HODGSON (Australia) is a Wiradjuri poet. She won the David Unaipon Award in 2007 for her poetry memoir Skin Painting, published in 2008. ::: Event 45, 239, 315

IVY IRELAND (Australia) is a poet and the author of Incidental Complications. ::: Event 3, 196, 259

JUDY JOHNSON (Australia)has published three poetry collections and a verse novel, Jack, which won the 2007 Victorian Premier’s Award for poetry. ::: Event 75

DEVIN JOHNSTON (USA) has published three books of poetry, including Sources. Creaturely and Other Essays will be released in September 2009. ::: Event 85, 107, 151

EMMA JONES (Australia) debut collection of poetry is titled The Striped World. ::: Event 107, 239

JILL JONES (Australia) won the Kenneth Slessor Prize in 2003 for her book Screens Jets Heaven. ::: Event 321

ANTIGONE KEFALA (Australia)is a widely anthologised poet and fiction writer. Her latest book is Sydney Journals. ::: Event 76

ROBERT KENNEDY (Australia) is a poet, composer and freelance journalist. Robert founded and manages the poetry group DiVerse. ::: Event 321

MARTIN LANGFORD (Australia) is the author of five poetry books. The Human Project: A Selected and New will be published in late 2009. ::: Event 106

ANTHONY LAWRENCE (Australia) has won numerous awards for his poetry, including the Judith Wright Calanthe Award. The Welfare of My Enemy, a verse novel, is forthcoming. ::: Event 3, 151, 196

KERRY LEVES (Australia) is a poet and critic, and a poetry reviewer for Overland. His most recent poetry collection is A Shrine to Lata Mangeshkar. ::: Event 168

KATE LILLEY’s (Australia) first book of poems, Versary, won the Grace Leven Prize and was shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Award. ::: Event 3

JENNIFER MAIDEN (Australia) is a poet who has won the Kenneth Slessor Award twice, the C.J. Dennis Award and the Christopher Brennan Award. ::: Event 45

KIMBERLEY MANN’s (Australia) first book of poetry, Awake During Anaesthetic, will be launched at the Festival. ::: Event 29

PAULA McKAY (Australia) is editor of the poetry e-zine Sydney Mosaic. ::: Event 321

MILES MERRILL (Australia) is a spoken-word performer and is founder and co-organiser of Australia’s National Poetry Slam. ::: Event 46, 64, 99, 172, 218, 256, 273

MORGANICS (Australia) is an award-winning hip hop artist, spoken-word performer, director and passionate community worker. ::: Event 279

OMAR MUSA (Australia) is a spoken-word performer, and the 2008 Australia National Poetry Slam champion. ::: Event 273

DAVID MUSGRAVE (Australia) is the publisher at Puncher & Wattmann. A poet, novelist and critic, his awards include the Josephine Ulrick and the Newcastle Poetry Prize. ::: Event 75, 168, 315

BARBARA NICHOLSON (Australia) writes and performs poetry, and her work has appeared in a number of anthologies. ::: Event 124

JENNI NIXON (Australia) is a poet and performer. She published Café Boogie in 2004. ::: Event 168

SHERYL PERSSON (Australia) is a poet and educator. A collection of her poems, Scarcely Random, was recently published. ::: Event 321

BEN POBJIE is an author, poet and comedian. He writes a weekly satirical column for and maintains two blogs. ::: Event 225, 280

ANDY QUAN (Canada/Australia) is the Canadian-born author of four books, including two collections of poetry. ::: Event 315

SONYA RENEE (USA) is one of the most distinguished, accomplished and recognisable women in the international slam poetry scene. She originates from the United States. ::: Event 137, 256, 273

TARA RESCH (Australia) is an actor, poet and visual artist who trained in Sydney and New York. ::: Event 67, 140, 204, 275, 341

ANDREW SLATTERY’s (Australia) poems have been published ly and internationally. His first book of poetry, Canyon, will be launched at the Festival. ::: Event 29

JAMES STUART is a poet, artist and co-founder of non-generic productions. He was a 2008 Asialink literature resident in Chengdu, China ::: Event 201

THE RED ROOM COMPANY (Australia) creates, promotes and publishes poetry by Australia writers in unusual ways. Johanna Featherstone is the founder and current artistic director. ::: Event 131 206

MARK TREDINNICK (Australia) is a poet and essayist. His works include The Blue Plateau, The Road South and The Little Green Grammar Book. ::: Event 3, 25, 73, 101, 196, 337

LOUISE WAKELING (Australia) is a poet and teacher. Her third book, paragliding in a war zone, was published in 2008. ::: Event 168, 321

KATE WATERHOUSE’s (Australia) poetry has appeared in journals and magazines in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Keep Breathing was published in 2006. ::: Event 119

FIONA WRIGHT (Australia) is a poet. She works as an editor at Giramondo Publishing and a project assistant for The Red Room Company. ::: Event 49

OUYANG YU (China/Australia) has published 44 books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, literary translation and criticism in English and Chinese. ::: Event 310

Darlinghurst Nights: Poets John Carey, David Stephenson, Kath Ellis, Tara Resch, Angela Stretch (event 67 et al)

Launch of Sydney Anthology: Poets Pam Brown, John Tranter, Adam Aitken, Paul Dawson, Kate Lilley. Event 106

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