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J A C K E T  # 5
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Bill Freind - four poems:

            Bus Schedule
            American field couches.
            "No end to stolen ID nightmare"


    All     ( prose )
Seized with a desire for, saddled with an unsignifiable this -- god only knows so dress the threat in booties. Thoughtful ballast and the fundamental unit in a plastic bag, the hole is the falls or no as you so eloquently put it. We found this on the map so it is real. Seized with a decline to obviate something shaving man and two things then. Once it was perfect becomes are there good seats left? Bought a vicious bicycle and fielder hurry, fiddling her ear the hearing continues, will have been cleansed and cut a page and take some work. Unfeeding the xmas tigers who believe elsewhere, stand not in, holy mother, where are my cookies? Purity, presence -- take it back to Wisconsin, Keanu. Hold on, let me have another look. Somethings never change several news say detailed. This is so true about pictures.

    Bus Schedule
we are moving actually written
fields of null and solo la,
mixed wax to bring me off --
we're an independent film.
things occur as nouns
morning clouds followed
a poster for missing sailor
the woman with a bag of milk.
summer drowns on the bus
fare a toll waiting for the body to rise --
i'll have legal talk to you.
pull his letter, says it
with a door a hand in error

emerald city disposal
emerald city diving
emerald city dry cleaners
emerald city economics
emerald city fence rental inc.
emerald city fine art
emerald city forensics inc
206 763-2800
206 281-7100
206 328-0434
206 282-7533
425 271-0138
206 623-1550
206 623-0644

only wore them north while flashing
god bless       we buy
autosound stop glass garden
old rug       subject violator
are bar a dull moment only action lube
in conjunction with state and federal officials
I mean it. Realism and the flinch of words.
Lunch demand for hungry
eastside please only park H. Service
and thrifty dodge soho ho as you enter
3.5 L three pigs radiology. "I'll decide when
to have children." Bash a turf first cinch
the outguns it's always your love
a woman with her you can help
charges the administration denied.
            intersect isn't wait.
            metaphysics = meanings of terminal and subject noise
                                            attempt to finalize a settlement
near sleep thought
i was shouting, woke
and was fish the way is read.
opening my
a woman insmiled:
taunt or hold.
erring is twenty always
opening sentence

mauve intersect behind ear
a mole, falk, peakage
two hours late for t he naps.
hey stir no hill to speak
of lossed pailing elseward
tie ling near cawed subject
@ bracket renned a
flow chart, expent atman hat an ain
car the si.not like mein selfsound.
building owner,
both list and veiling
long. good with names
the fir gull dills a bad yes.
rent not enter own and live
so that collect a window.

suppose I saw something or watch
suppose two hundred kay
suppose thirty three stocking retrofit.

the movement of history:
red flag, gold stars
on a t-shirt probably bought
at a stand near tiananmen
then thrown out. now
this homeless guy wears it.
the sign said we are moving.
political poetry, or wage slave
with a dictionary of antonyms?
either way we slide again
toward tax law
rules of loss, debt. hey,
i'm okay with that. you?
political poetry or carping from the sidelines?
if i don't write that
i can always write something else
i'll have whichever is later.
    American field couches.     ( prose )
Absolved peel ends at thumb and moves to dog for the man who sounds like sedaka. Again they will plug scuppers remaining the alter in shoals and short arms thrall for now; later, we accede to then. Unshelve the hinges -- we like attraction. Of course it doesn't fit. There is her suit and lines. Hey, look: nothing!
A sound of hopping took and took with touch and hon and three. It's a bargain porch a song until breaks burn. News without articles, new mold then a smell, chickens in long grass we go green and easy tempt of in. What you like, what you will pay. Tell me again the difference between collapse and dissolve or transcend. She offers, follows a face tilted upward in sun and guttered horizons holding mercy eggs she says. Please.
    "No end to stolen ID nightmare"
Time and weather information
is in the fridge, you have
a hippocampus and 100 flowers: bloom.
Shards swept in the dustbin
leave never enough for a hand
of tarot with bill. Who is the gardener?
Outside the cake shops the lite philosophers
debate the metaphysics of sugar
i.e. a girl's name and another.
Bored with neologisms, Phil wanted
to invent a new number,
threw away a pride
pond away the long air missing want.
Instead, we paint the curb red holding tight
to a blind and purgatory bliss.
or, the history of aesthetics:
change the key and let the locks.
Does the car horn go here?
Usual cities flow and bowl the lair
someone attributes bad weather
to a baby Jesus. Wethaired,
she's good at saying things
I know, frame too small
so song against the edge.
Who brought flowers?
Bill Freind

Bill Freind has work forthcoming
in Misc.Proj. , Kenning, and whatever
John Lowther is going to call his next journal.
He lives in Seattle.

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