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This issue of JACKET is a co-production with SALT magazine
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Marjorie Welish

North Perimeter Road

Having to forego open doors for that which is sculpture’s submitting to
poetry - or unnaming it, "it" assumed to be what? Enter the turnstile
poetry-as-sculpture that is the name roving through some falling
decomposition. Poetry-as-sculpture indented through silent matter
might slip in. Listening in a labyrinth, singing into a corner of a thought:  it being
sculpted lip-synch without having to say, whispering permanently The Haves
      The Have-Nots
for that which forego open doors and may be assumed to be
floating here and here also. Your initials. "It" however is indicative
of your having submitted to discrepant descriptions
of unnaming. And here also. Here is your turnstile
called "performance."  Here is the unnaming you seek:  of "it":  it’s broken,
it’s skipping a page of here and her also that meet on a platform,
some falling phrases assumed to be...what? and yet having to forego an arm
for that which is both and neither inaugural writing indented, together with
your having the item. Unnaming it, assumed to be

larger than Phelps the word meadows
made to fold Forrestville envelope in aerial
map or for that matter the motto Adopting a Child
Shaping a Life Building a Home Forrestville

and here also. It throughout words is an estate of
your having a turnstile satisfying populations with/without
artifact at the level of acknowledgment. Shouting through shutters.

You can read Marjorie Welish’s paper on Barbara Guest in Jacket # 10.

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