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This issue of Jacket is a collaboration with Verse magazine

Charles Bernstein

In Particular

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A black man waiting at a bus stop
A white woman sitting on a stool
A Philippino eating a potato
A Mexican boy putting on shoes
A Hindu hiding in Igloo
A fat girl in blue blouse
A Christian lady with toupee
A Chinese mother walking across a bridge
A Pakistani eating pastrami
A provincial walking on the peninsula
A Eurasian boy on a cell phone
An Arab with umbrella
A Southerner taking off a backpack
An Italian detonating a land line
A barbarian with beret
A Lebanese guy in limousine
A Jew watering petunias
A Yugoslavian man at a hanging
A Sunni boy on scooter
A Floridian climbing a fountain
A Beatnik writing a limerick
A Caucasian woman dreaming of indecision
A Puerto Rican child floating on a balloon
An Indian fellow gliding on three-wheeled bike
An Armenian rowing to Amenia
An Irish lad with scythe
A Bangladeshi muttering questions
A worker wading in puddles
A Japanese rollerblader fixing a blend
A Burmese tailor watching his trailer
An Idaho man getting a tan
A Quinopac girl with a bluesy drawl
An Arapahoe whaler skimming failure
An anorexic man with a remarkably deep tan
An adolescent Muslim writing terza rima
A Scots pipe fitter at the automat
A gay guy in tweed boat
A red man with green ball
A dyslexic sailor with an inconsolable grin
A Northumbrian flier heading for Tipperary
A Buddhist financier falling to ground
A curious old boy jumping into threshing machine
An Hispanic sergeant on lookout for a cream-colored coat
An addicted haberdasher eating soap
A Peruvian child chewing gum
A Sephardic infant on shuffleboard deck
A Mongolian imitating Napoleon
An anarchist lad with skewed glance
A Latvian miner break dancing with the coroner
A poor girl eating apple pie and cream soda
A Sudanese fellow with a yellow stroller
An atheist with a flare for pins
A Bahamanian on the way to inordinate machination
A stuttering Iranian in blue and gold fog
A tell-tale somnambulist rehearsing Gypsy
A homosexual child in a taxi
A Wiccan matron swimming in glue
A Moravian procrastinator practicing jujitsu
A Syrian swami on Lake Oragami
A flirtatious gentleman spinning wool
A colored youngster admiring a toaster
An Ojibwa pushing a button on the Trans-Siberian
A harried officer somersaulting on banister
A moldy Whig directing catfish
An agoraphobic professor on cruise control
A feminist in a rocking chair
A Burmese cook in bobby socks
A teenager infiltrating an air mattress
A pro-choice guy reciting rimes
A dog-faced Dane in shining car
A Pentecostal lawyer jogging in his foyer
A communist wearing a sad apron
A Canadian woman with a nose ring
A ghoulish girl dating a dentist
An idiot in a closet
A Moorish magician in her kitchen
A sorrowful soldier with a morose clothier
A dilettantish senior washing strictures
A socialite on routine imbroglio
A bicyclist hoarding hornets
A toddler pocketing the till
A hooded boy eating cheddar cheese
A balding brownnoser in tutu
A brunette chasing choo-choo train
An Argentine dancing on a dime
A bespeckled dowager installing Laplink
An australopithecine toddler grimacing in basement
A Nicaraguan pee-wee with preposterous pipe
A kike out cold on ice
A Hoosier off the booze
A swollen man with an impecunious grin
A Burmese fellow with face of terror
A lost poll in the forest
A dilapidated soul drinking rum
A pistolero with folded heart
A Shockwave momma hunkering down on puck
A vellobound baby two-facing the cha-cha
A postcolonial fiduciary eating a plumb
A maladroit Swede coughing bullets
A hexed Haitian on involuntary vacation
A Persian onconologist in metrical parking
A Peruvian French hornist shipping Pernod
A Terra Haute charmer with infinite capacity to harm her
A Mongolian chiropodist at a potluck
A Sao Paulo poet reflecting on deflection
A white man sitting on stool
A black woman waiting at bus stop

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