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Bruce Covey

Two poems

Good & Plenty


No it couldn’t have been that long
He died 35 years ago
Some of these buildings weren’t even conceived then

But in their drafts, cement corners
Have room for buried secrets
Messages through to center

As we crane our necks to watch them swoop
Just past our noses & from the dimmest
Of dusty starts    Do you believe in long odds

Ever reaching fruition? If so,
Do you have a dime? I need to make a call,
Buy tickets, tea to read the leaves,

& shake my die
Or hope so peacefully
In a quick bluebird’s belly

Good & Plenty

At the grocery I order a pound of meat, twice the normal
We have guests, who eat meat, coming to visit tonight

At the gas station I let it spill all over:
Me, the sidewalk, the car door & tires

Where you can buy herbs that stay awake all night
& watch the moon drive half circle
& stars so orderly positioned

I pick up Koch’s “A Possible World”
I pick up Notley’s “Disobedience”

Because blue is too corporate & predictable
This tasty pastry is not predictable

Where cream flows over the top & top
Becomes coffee, grains with which to read futures

& growth hormones & stockings stocked on shelves
By stock women, who rustle in & out of loading

Tugging to keep the awful manager off his knees
& cardinal at the feeder—the sunflower must have

Attracted, its poles (north/south) are
The only fertile & bearing crop locations