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Scott Glassman and Sheila E. Murphy

from «Quaternity»

This piece is about 20 printed pages long.
It is copyright © Scott Glassman and Sheila E. Murphy and Jacket magazine 2007.

Sublet fate for a limited time. It was an honest mistake, the extra cocktail. Don’t breathe, but let it be our confidante; we’ll grow to enjoy leeway as only blond canaries pluperfect as finch and grosbeak paradox plural glow painted redaction leans on pump alleviating prime numbers. How is it three becomes a whittled tent on loan, and whose idea was it to deliver propane accent with the baked goods? Posture frames prime festival against the greed. Any throwaway faith ought to be divided equally among the parsnip cooks deploying soon. What’s more, the white caps one associates with self-cleansing alarm become synonymous with else. No matter how configured purity might seem, there always has been clay, and there are pores from which to draw. This moment in particular relieves the past of obligations to seem multiple. Our crisis, after all, is lived one syllable at a time, within the confines of two-four time, while tithing.

Get, capture, process, build. Stone shelves lift twelve openings. Toned selves minufecture closet space apace. Finding the cage door splintered open, predestination shakes hummingbirds from throat or furnace or exhaustion. Blimps hold still, at least to the imagined eyesight. Frames wound contents. Form cures content. Ruminary crevices detach the length from legroom. The prefect has to dance a minuet alone. To own what is pre-owned. Like curvature, the protean replacement of water. Churning. Hurtful wheels synonymous with stasis half persuasive yawl. A hub forms around watching. Splotches of gray paint change even the inner room. Nachos no longer sustenance address some whims aside from whimsy. The child knows nothing important will ever be counted, but why? If binoculars spread their double negatives like fictions. . . If they crush a heaven whose knife is left out on purpose . . . body will blurt out facts, figures, reduce the rod and cone count by thirty, encourage listening devices to arrest, book, and judge the encounter.

Whose single negative is stripped like parasitic car part swapped for permit? Belles run yonder in the crash course bleeding. Blend run torques the seed field. Tended test scores boil the pot. Who is clocking algebra performed in half tense collar points? Called upon relenting premises too many chefs. If pressure is a premise, what is haze about to do apart from strangling plans? Who will adjudicate missing ingredients (paprika, sage) for speed (lounge music) and convenience? Noblesse oblige means ocean’s glacier expands its reference list to include the endangered. Specious arguments tempt teething and later in the evening, dessicated as roots. Every three hundred years, meaning accretes a habit: mess kits, turntables, somatic rhythms trashed for their giving nature. Churn, demand, sleep poorly on stakes.

Cautionary torment sprawls upon oulipo recount, tale of the tape. If anybody wants to call out the familiar integer equating this person, do so now. Naturally occurring sentences afford a bleak array of stuttering to spec. Supremacy insists upon itself. Alternatively a curled hub gives cults grasp of any tabled brass. A host is personified, though rarely interfered with. Violence and sherry occur unsheathed in tandem. Text messages forgo the eyes and smile to hide skirt length, take for instance norms among  starlit weeds. And stricture. And a siege to come of African daisies, a posh Rosetta in the median. And cameras, lodestones that persist in carrying the bad with the half-good superlatives in one back pack.

Him (objecting): I followed the orders to amuse waterpark out of tourist rush, but it happened much slower than you might have expected. I don’t know what you must like, or are forced to like; however, I know what I lose myself from.

Her (transitively): Let go your mirror before it makes us aware of what we are doing. Are we similar again? Against my better justice? No longer do I think alone.

Manned faucets leave exchanges trades to fund paprika sembled in a nether hook line’s synchronous nefarity. Obsessive compass meant to travel. Octopus disrestrictions. Paint this wisecrack north. So forth sewn on. Cross stitch minus semaphore addresses only heartache, when the problem forms new consciousness. I used to list with you. Come here already and gloss ingredients with me, come swim to selves, trim the mature rods from sterling confined to spring collection. Infancy’s the cusp of senior status. He might have indulged himself. I have on tape the mention. Possibly, where light bends back on itself, pronouns can be more than they are tilted to be, while the betrothal coats three yellows found in our syllabic paint shop library. Patronymic volleys leave a child pre-scorned. Once caged, the humming starts to sound like unions lying in state.

A thin slice. Let me restate. Aplomb.

Nordic thing means half your exercise amounts to purest zilch.
Ascorbic ping. Time-out.
A frenzy is not equal
To a friend. Hard of incredible (-dulous) feeling.
Shut up. Authoritative, precious.

Him: Excuse classification from class or skylark, dismal purpose — whichever.

Her: Ice used to be a parity prod-. Now thinking confiscates such winces . . . (butterfly my depth)

Suspicion heavy sentiments leave outer skin as cold as absent, unattended and qualified as breath. Is it the victim’s afterthought or a professional courtesy? My land is seared by craft kicks. Who has curiosity: the bully under pressure, or the most recent victim? We are undressed for no apparent pleasure. In the kitchen eggs are syllables. Being prepared, shaped into rational silence. Brass tosses its badges and teases the pot calling — forget black. Go ahead and practice being the naysayer harvesting sponge proceeds going to patch dysfunction and hyped score. The core gradation of selections from the periodic table match her gaze to heaven, after razing solemn place. What you want is a pompadour to pull over your near-death attitude. Commence in due course to want something considered extant. A mercenary strategy includes outlined stretch pant chalk markings, how we remove journal entry from incident, the days that remain.

No one: are you leery of presence? Pretext? Patronize the nimble confiscation of interiors no one has known?

Plus two: children resolves their power loss

Should that have been married? Enough guessing, it is wed to motive. Only you can prevent a suit while they suture decrepitude to the dissident clue. What seemed thought-out has been carved into a vested plan. There’s one questionable intent bargain hunting versus shopping digging um out of — second hand answers. Bolts are bolts. And stew enables rue the day. Torsion’s flippant. A camisole’s mimetic body pratfall oversees the call person-to-person. Catch me doing something taut. Tautology is boy-girl as it relates to the previous brass knocked off its pageant. If you’re of my ilk, you can beat me to your repartee. Bodiless and spare and wasted. “I have scuffed the lotus.”

Torque’s not usually bottled (up). Cement the part that is not ship-shape. Stuck in someone’s blogocratic napalm Sencha canister.

Well then, all right. Why don’t we handle this in-house. The bugged deception finishes its thought before commissioning mown silk.

Milky little ways through north might mean that Gladstone (to the left) is reeling (still). The doe kneels. Upheaval signals for mercy.

Meet you at the tantrum tousled outhouse revived with paint. Vivace is the movement we’ve been waiting for. Trailers where they load stretchers between the brother walls. A bag of trash. A bagged stone wall, catching up with bygones for caustic kick backs. I’ll give you a good deal if you’ll fill me in on filming neighbors who try to be friends in name, address, number. Parrots run giddy on filched seeds. The circuit crimsons its way into habitude. Unless you want to be divine, stay in one piece and jump ahead of circumstance, if only to bleed on white sheets dreamed then made host system. Intrinsicity might offer sprockets one can track. And that’s not all: fervor is your very own to keep.

Lone zones martyr us. (revise) Lone corn pones run deeper than your diary. (revise) Lone pronounces taint with shaken shoulder as if emphasizing how the petered-out in principio might mean the end of learning (curve).

He spouts spont- and now look.
                              aneous           and sharp

A simile shortens its overnight stay by order of maximum height. Are you as tall as waste dumps in the east? She pointed me there to say that people who have died are all hers. Can you fathom a worm-eaten Messier A, the story line? Her only symptom of a story was the probability of its being hocked for a hold symbol. Streams line the moon, Ptolemaeus first and Alphonsus after twin rupes, scarps cut short the ejecta. Listen to my opening line: a fella went to see the lockdown master and was begging for his strife, the only way he knew. Next thing, a raven flew into the capillaries, as if (who knew) A blue tint stayed residual in a stray home. The stray, knockoff of the red bloom. Despite the lampoon, carnivals preempt a likely dowry. Dowel of hippocampus, fitful as seventh place stuck in drive (D4). Meet you in the langlab. Strut first forthwith. The instructor demonstrates fetal position; cloud and firmament memorize the entire coda. The zenith has a short “e” sound out of his mouth as fresh as daisy wheel. Brother against brother, eighties where they waver. Watch me, Mom. Watch. Mom: watch! Being — in a proper, capitulated sense. Health or jhāna mascot we-care-a-lot industry loses pitch. Perfect your noose for me alone. Industrious new mood forms feast lines feline famine wunst. Coordinating conjunctions latch onto key lime conduct, pie for later. You should have nicer acquaintances between your faith and resumé. Are you altogether obvious when you denote? You can quote those who are tested, tried, bored by booming voice. Beginning regresses one azure at a time. III. without II. or I. squibs the hardened exemplar as deviant designee. Sister pitted against mother, son against uncle. If I practice crying, do you promise you can wilt me? Speak not of ability, but of solemn preference. You can imagine how water is the most partial element. Organically certified perjury peters out; soon they’re all caught broadcasting from the before/after dais.

Ability is not the same as prejudice or purging.
Repeat (tough to be ignored) after me: Silence is no gift until you mean it.
     Excalibrate yourself. Totter.

Chemical fire proviso domesticates company pups. Lumpen dichotomies invest in sugar beets. Revive me while I’m young. Stillborn (as distinct from synecdoche) reverie encompasses sine waves trained on you. Repeat zones inhale/absorb/derail the op cit litmus breast. Companion peaceable’s impeccable please. Please pass . . . Overseas, best behavior grows visually dense while weekend visitors tangle on the grand staircase, a choice between Caribbean stud, Let It Ride, and three-card feedback loop. For placebo’s sake, brothers who never argue over intelligent origins fall back to sleep. I’m timing you now in your indebtedness. Let’s design a no-nonsense kama sutra to mop up the enumerated blow. If you were stranded. If the lighthouse were delusion, dilettante siren (lacking) leitmotif, if swollen passages gave graft its due, if sentences were few —

List of last resort

Rutabaga, corn meal, Yukon gold, distilled white vinegar, pseudoephedrine, pop quizzical mantrata, dim sum chakra, point-five, limberlost once limber, cauterized stroganoff, climb out of the dungeon précis, jump ball, steins of water, fresh zed, blancmange, serenity, forecast frocks, Opici splits, tassled fromage, creosote mouthwash, triple bok, full court press, tsetse fly lipid

(this is goodbye then mono-a-mono?)

Infinite flaw is a choice    doesn’t waffle Once up      
our most trying facetime Wazzup is administered
fleeing’s easy Once upon a flub
Craft tupper(night)mares your mildest inch itches (don’t reach
scratch  apply liberally) Stand up sit down state of the
North slurping its last-stand Feast rightuptotheballdrop rup
ture tour’s Gone with glup

During your last trip a week ago, you rehearsed or circulated a new release, so thus
let’s begin with In the beginning there was a word the crossterm eminent domain cosmetics at cloud’s disfigurement, whereby we paid a surcharge to sign in or out and dot the i. Domus dominis paternum [independent of] monogamy where it commenced — paper or plastic. Jaune is my one venture into color wheel, said the intelligible coarse replica of maiden caste. Froth’s my middle name. Conform to pieces. Then we’ll vote. On voyage and in tote


(monastic gid)

                  ii. headpiece question playing for keeps (thought used once runs deep with meadow foxes), discontent as the best scenario, nine were welcomed in, two excluded, one managed to slip past the dogs, a shame about the warbler, the dodo, the solitaire, the Great Auk, the loss of candor
                                             etc. the excitable
content-rich revenue cart straps
child seat plastic coating may suffocate
egg gatherers who approach the
Labrador Duck perspiring

All she wants to do is fracture moods I thought were mine.

(transform the haricot vert   the wav   the abbreviated choking you call    mp3 instant)

Phonetic photogrip, don’t forget that a visible interjection may cause gripes to be rubbed down. Have you seen the rubbing alcohol wedged into the motet? This does not include “righteousness” nowadays in quotations as we lie down or don’t lay anything down since that is the wrong way of organizing the science of minimum wages. There’s one who is wise, perseverating on nothing. Chasmic lintel, spent lens denigracias might harm the wrestled spacetet to the flauta while we single out the hungry.

Give me back my flurry, said the cheese.

Cakewalk clobbers set piece, no? A sober ceiling, the mounting munition, she sleeps with him, he sleeps with her.

Sobriety’s a kind of curve ball.

Fulsome, isn’t it here, where the novella ash tiptoes down from half-inch below the waistline or knuckle. It’s getting difficult to see . . . fire too low for the nola, your highness, here to report everyone who misconstrues a definition as in faux resplendency, when it has been amended tenderly, as though the wok with “tendre croppes” lies down to pale oil and mutiny.

Final reminder. You won’t receive the 72 names for the group piloted by astro-epic feat invasive vita widely known as “the other” one not two zuzim, so please without regard for limbs, pick up Oxford dress shirts and landmark the boarded-up tug whose seer is on long-term disability and could return at any suitable break in the slide show mimicry, unprotected as finestra. Button down the notary and try to spice a different date. Notice a sharp jug of fragments to your left, don’t touch anything, put the raft on your back and topple the coliseum you’re plainly darting to (get in line) the next phase, your haute spiffed couture less like modal womb.

Compared to what, he asked?

I may not be the best at anything     that, as they say, is economics
He is my everything    liquidity of what I ought to be, left home
I am happy just to know that I’m his child     we’ll see about a hearse

His charity lumbers through the tall dark trees of torsion lucid once now dour

Pasteurized, centered on the page, approximately whitened, fur and fir and forthright.

A wild ride is how he
characterized my having known
the other
                                                                    gold in the shadow (on rafters, too)
                                                                    flecks me          suspends
                                                                    conceives     stalemate    peek-a-

Sprawl may levitate for purposes of match

                                          source consorts
                                          with birthplace Once we were
                                          two lanes, in fact, closed (to wit)

cane sugar easily translated into sucre bounces

                 day of emergence (timbre willing)
                 one is not
                 meant to emigrate (Briggs Type Indicator)

I am this, and you are?
(waiting to pick up my Oscar, ma’am.)
Also: (spirited does not show by itself)
furniture allegedly won’t hold
value                                            when brads of atmosphere slide
                                                     into place
when the block put in to hold the car in park
had been released
                                                      I put out my hand just like you said  
the vehicle sped in reverse
right into the retaining wall
                                                     watch that truck    the deep
                                                     will want to claim you                                                         
and as a child he
something from


                                                      belted mass
                                                      how can I
                                                      get in there           desire the versatile

mirror      open its fires
(mid-range) penathol drip
in retrospect               drab          a hundred thousand             

                                                                                     extra moldings    “lone wolf”
                                                                                     seltzer   cooler talk   mercury
                                                                                     Sophia as godhead     (syndrome)

tell me, dear, about the recovery effort (glyphic, strewn)

                                                                                       where the first Duma met

                                      oh things I’ve been meaning to do:
                                                               approach     attribute     what is / to what is not

(Or was that the dula, ouncing toward a birth?)

to what is / again accidental
land of dead letters where
sand ferments box office
treatment down arrow

nevertheless (take five) ultimatums

the children (chain
of associations)
bland me

                                          spoon       swanee      Tudor-style      moi

The scarcity of detail wherein She (pearls of autumn) transcribes the shadow, gold in the formula (condoned) by which her night story anti-linear spacing deepens the vice versa, its new tradition (centipedes): your memory’s allegorical march through stone-paved square (notice each perfect edge), entitled to it — meaning levity — once crawled upon, enticed by A = A forever in-difference our long career of traction and sedatives, our Ivy Hill feast, the parochial “knocked out of oneself” must learn item order, brakeless steering,  forget it nearly as fast as it startles the other lane into stillness, proximity.

Basis for the risen
as if
chamber matrilineal endorsement
tries to cave reply
long writhe
sanctity dis
torques me
just my latitude
first person sing
and you be
nary a speck of
fisticuffs if that
and what you are is
is is the molding on a
mantra as
Redondo Beach you betcha
never liked mythology
too much moisture
honest craving for
the toys not toys but
fast or
slow or

static Lazarus
last one up
perforated is glad ready-set-
situated darkened said
pupils danse they
purify con
tractual being
yourself among widths
I totaled the worry chord
you do the same
least of all a bead
arms a throat
of what you propose
could have been crowned
granted fast
ascent at Capri sure as
pith or preference mirth
fully rain dining on
amethyst and on Hasbro
train reenactment
lap of


                                       leggings, ear warmers, dew-on-demand,  smile — say yes

                                     TEMPORARILY DISABLED (refer to the manual for clarity)

I interacted a) never  b) a few times  c) many times [I replicated answers I had / you had he(a)rd instinctively an adverb tries to seep in-
to the vale of
gravitation pull (melodious infringement
becomes clarity all (tinglive)
at once)   high frequency
sours the ladder’s leap year ring      finally it comes to this           hello, may I help

(you may not; can you?)  yes, I pro      mise not to come     back      ho    pe/me

lure magma from its trunk        pyroclastic       flagged     under-the-skin
(wince matters; ice shallows in resignation)

She is busy / being pretty / not very much
(herself, you dig?)
sooo urban

Wall off singular regression spates of longing

shrunket viaducts intrude upon our
vice prompts (yellow velvet)
you in muted gold from ribcage dotted Swiss

Is sinecure a racist term? I must be without cure. Or applying for double-blind status and provisions at the gate. She’s so, he’s so . . . how do you say, dependent. The same granules of epoxy used to mount a statue can be used to tip elections, up-surge. The once-plotted day book shorts the month of Feb by trying to be recent with the purview plunked right where we lose footing
                                           wring the smile out of  
                                                                    plaza’s predicament remember the twins    
  Per me si va         
                           you know who          lives in that scorched habitat
                                                                                “the best of times”

                               ne la citta dolente

Poverty rests with the outgoing spirit (vastness).

A chess board crowded with fossils
entombment, some
say. The rook envies / wipes out diagonal damage

Your sun is a wing you wear to work
but not even the secretary of grams an amount can
notice because she is frazzled and out of breath
(bringing barges loses large)
or mingles flurry with the sacrament of hesitation

Effeminate, bedazzled predicates let loose our shoulders — A she: (Shri)    
                                                                                               fighting to rise
                                                                                               wrestle with all who know

hollow out a ways . . .
               or make assumptions “as you were”
                                                                skulking around
                                                                the city of palms
                                                                inveterate winter      X-game

never stow a frequently used implement

imprinted unequal to imprisonment            inequality       that improvised ritual de facto

         oversold up to (earballed)
                                                                                                       curiously, with glasses

                have we any pre-mortem (eyedrums)
                medley or memento or emblem to show off?

With only five vowel sounds he managed to induce a coverlet around her simple shoulders. There’s narrative vacancy. Don’t point.

Is masculinity a sign of certain hydroxies sugaring the brain?
Is it delicious as forecast? Flatulent.
But . . . is it a perfect fit with license to be radiant?
Is a coma penning you in? Interview the staff, jesus     hay-zeus.
                                                   Ninth street is infertile.
It is noisy to kick at air?
                                           Did you hear about her?
How wide is it?
Will it repeat?

How’s about a kiss,
he used to say

How about —  some pauses even stars cannot convince themselves of. Doctorates doling out the pink slip eustress. Lock switches key, opposing pantry.

No one visits the file room without telling the guard (the muscular can’t believe its causation    piñata (paint it pink) is   lifted       bard’s on duty now  [Bay Area Regional Database]    great chain of being    psi-signal digital elevation model      astray      a luminosity

Tank(ed) top(ic) précis N.B. shuffloff
(take three)
natch snicker (recuse)
selves sniffling
on account

At the precipice of (spiced) pink:

Forklift (white
Song germ (gray
Portico (yellow
Shame (strong
Forth (bronze
Text (url
Lipo (whirl

you won’t do it
you will do it
you won’t do it
you will do it
you won’t
you will
you won’t

By chance clumsy ants, are we exciting ourselves (exited) out of delectable permutation? Ted, paging . . . Is that you? Ted? As long as I have known you, machine-extruded, the brick falls (you lower it) repeatedly. He bleeds, she bleeds bees from a head wound, merchant mariner, latecomer figurine. This is my odyssey. This is your perk. I’m drying. Don’t get up. Remnant lucky as the breakup of cantatas . . . It was a wonderful night in Punxsutawney, the gray area I slept on (fleece) saw discord lose its headstart. I would have flown you to a flower had I known. Sunk my forewing in, midgut and nerve ganglia, everything gained from the original pollen and taut cellophane cavity.

Eunice was her name
She navied me   I asked for an axe
She eagerly    followed gaping
She watusied    one must be gnarled
She endeavored     one must be willing
She was it          one must be the same as gnarled and willing      land of the free

I would have cauterized the concept north. I would have traded out the reeds for silkworms. I would have notarized plurality. Mass takes no time at all. Those are her words. Where are his words? Where do I fit (glovingly)?

Few own their damages, my skate key, your skate key. Watch me.

Is this rink a dove place? May I watch?

Dim revenues Lolita their way southerly, n’est-ce pas?

                                                                                              Ce chat est bleu

Dustwrapped (plink) violet bands (ampersands) in transit mime our stripped limbs, the arrangement we had fixed. Don’t nix the quality methods born from slack. Melodic underbelly aspires heretofore a pharynx, a creed or limit. (Sing through your nostrils!) In a fit of prescient nominatives, she swore not to attend to magistrates or marginalize their fig addiction, but to paint each strand silver on principle. Whose marine comportment could be a school zone speed limit, an unstudied heart. (Tree bark simplifies this photograph of radishes, its tongue-white rudiment acts as moist proof, sulphate gulf hypothesis red as a crematoria clamorous and rising, staggers back, rising, not letting up or dropping structure). Take three steps, another two, shhh moths that drip against stalagmite ration cannot be disturbed. They must drink specific gravity and pH-balanced pear juice, droppings, mausoleum stairs crumbling. (Explain yourself!) Pedagogue entrained but not as fresh a pair of eyes.   

Hurry down: we’re early soon

Canticles embellish hereby (nearer) frost. Sell bells charm the flocking off the dimwit tree lit frenzy of a holiday light stanching impulse after grotto light. The slight detention theory ruminates about a glimmer while the stowed fresh evidence occurs to mainline stone. The lottery has lozenger properties, so much for lonelinesss. The maturation point seems solid as a hutch. You butterscotch your way forward and I remain in your due diligence debt economy. She purrs fashionably while you multiply the colic prattle, the quintessential volumes. Are you there, oh Mildred, our lookout, dearest mortician, page of sleep-deprived dream quadrant densities?

Raving lunacies lament the mood of Sudan and otherwhere. Storm goes unwarned. One peasant watches like a mother, swung around by the collar, or one butcher learns to be a father, or the one cleaved, who stays a child, who cries out to the nip/tuck shadow: “You! Take a face!”

You cannot reverse downcountry (sublet, succor) (Juliet) this settlement of key tones, splurging just to document the west, make it warmer. Toast the toffee, behave like violins in woodwind-certain heat. Margin calls revamp our suds. I have a bridge to sell signed by Mae West or some other alias. In loving memory proudly sponsors the lay-up. Final chance. Don’t forget name recognition.

I am truly your young owl. Wise from the get-go, left mid-snow. I trail your spears and sulk back into how it was.

Pure silk is what we dive for
                Duan   huddle up
               Ti              tabby frame
               Ge                georgette
               Ni                    clear, bright, close, loose

Guess what, fey rivers swing back to rubble, are real, have girth, give ground, straighten up to take orders. I turn to starch, yearn for a different sadness, one without timeouts. The stubble on his kissed face told my story to the cadre. I turn the perennial victim to ragweed, poppy flower. My channel says blank screen. A member of our studio audience has just completed his autonomic thesis. When I learn who the committee members swear they are, I’ll start to read. Capstone cur- / life raft / scouring pow- Off the record, a sixth division: Ralph Spartacus, wearing nothing, come on down! Cameo appearance a meteor logician scribbles on her nap’s burned screen a race for three-year-olds. The etch-a-sketch sounds holy as a deaconess. Hellenic fallguy staggered twirl. Whose venerable stasis deserves to be unwound. My unwool raises the specter of your winter silk. The power-at-hand is ineffable. You are registered or associated with a state-run emergency, the Brythonic or Devonian languages removed and stamped: KNOW THYSELF (shake down everything) hmmm, but . . . . cherish while you’re apt. Immerse me in your gravity. Send signals without cloth. These are all viable expungements. The oath of office means you’re only one-third divine. Remember, a relative is reinvigorated in broadleafed estuary.

Guess whom I ran into? The objective case! Clever girl. I present to you a wooden gland. Make sure to take care of it. Don’t let it grow unmotivated.

Saddle-bearing, lobe-finned, do you form your legs on retainer, populate the granitic land? Pre-pangea, winking is an expired behavior, a classic symptom of plus-worthy stems. If you think warble (marvel at the cost), you’ll self-medicate outside teach point of anticipated theft. Redeem opponentry from its strapless art staring down a garland of inlets

Densa welcomes you! There’s always space for one more like you!

When she’s dry, we’ll learn the mermaid poses are semi-pretty. Her chance of escape, 28-day recovery, promises — less than 50 percent. Whose metrosexual doors will have lighted every doily shredded on the blockhead and burnt the dialed operation twin unit housing.

Observee name: The premise of being, having been (traded to the Bucks)
Observation period: Tuesday Afternoon at equinox (radiator fluid on low)
Activity: Pompous paradigm trods lightly on Baking needs (but this is equidistance

balmy conditions working Match point (faultline)

                                                idolatry gives way to vortex after virtue’s shot to Hades as a long slide into dull wit white hamlets cave outward foil the best-laid irritant slowly

Once there was a trickle of good faith in the future glutton. S/he spoke less softly than often. And our virtue (as an entity) grew sour. Sometimes people coughed into their elbows independent of one another. Seeing this, I felt immediately free (of what). Be true to virtue. Be less inclined toward askance behavior. After all, the mittens of our body chemistry barely afford our higher grade of trinketry.

Only by a slack inducement did the hurt come to the fore. Retinues entired our frost lane as if contentment forked the road in such as way as to detract from spaces to be chosen. Ritual emblazoned on another person’s heart means you are furred and I am frittered, duped, and the land lock of our ocean pricks the feeble out of pretense known as service. My hurt, that is the coupled plaintext slur. Your way of driving home the practice point. My shivers. Your home run. My refusal to move out. Your deck chair when the moon rises. To your long legs. My opiates. Your derivation. My thanks. Your odd craft issuing the committee nod. Your eyestrain. My plump (banned) brimless index. Your stent skimmed off the laurel border at the point of meantime. Nobody is neutral ever caught on the take

fetching Extremities they divide us and concur (ovarian what?)
swell the Malicious fading impulse IQ plinth
Dior fume Fading (oh, he’s textured as manger)
     expert opinion Proxima projects what telltale pulse (you’re listing to the left, my keepsake)
Maiden voyeur tantamount to privilege offers to spray salt across the pre-ex weather.
Tahitian darkroom l’orange Imagine being (filled in blank soapbox gala
     butane waterlogged pitcher fruit–a very crystalline approach to damages left in the legacy
they Recognize (what is already there) standing in your way
a foal in cloth, youngtown slings Enrolls in training as if
groaning Posture among peers
mouths off Pretend adolescence is a custom      subject to review
       clutch play      the hormonal rupee      status quo      this pneumonia lasts
long enough to have been criticized for selfing where a share cost one point five eight USD (parsed annoyance)

Play coy to the tune of wall CRAWL
street tupper DUCK
wearing on my nervous Riviera
nature (natch) goes bankrupt
affords some bald thing covering
comatose estrangement ceases
to appeal to
witlanes outbound crash through concrete
I’m afraid I admit it You Are The Divider overpass
of the rattler’s father role the checkered ash sculptures dotting Pompeii

If (anyway) I were to sock away some plenary fulfillment (just for you) what would the outcome be if the Maldives were dependent on serving sizes of paleozoic sand bars, extreme portions, wintry mixes and knock-down grudges     drugged

Superintendency     yes, ma’am   supercedes   electrifies      the ailing happily ever after
doped and strung along   flipper   its thin fluids hit stride  Lockstep       dot  dot  dot       in tatters          splurge the mauled ironworks     less inclined to Drizzle             more or sometimes less            always sunny on the other side of
                                    the same coin       is it always zero at the tip?
what Plate do you suppose they might serve    talapia    cherry compote                                      stalling      in circulation     a “borrowed” patient
Invective     issues from a definite contraption:   is
a debate erupts over the       first    American thirst    Sorting   
its bio-degradable prisons      October fear    the pred-prey   Vampire story    
              recreates volition
knoll-private  tazered   Cheatlist    what was Sacrifice
but a trying time    a Social intellect
“becourse” control freak tingles with
having won already

occlusion’s not exactly what we came for (did you?)
let’s document the intermission       put your cell on vibrate or turn it off

A)                                              stun gun abnegated
B)                                              waterfall or DUI
C)                                              chimp dialectics
D)                                              lazy beads double-barrelled
E)                                              mature redhead seen from the inside
F)                                              clasped jewel last-stand charge the hill

hating the term “sweet spot”
for the embarrassment
gunpowder (nothing sweet about that)

A crimping of the natural release (cholesterol)   the salt dissolved
                 the system full of softened reason (implicate)
   smithereens of quilted slow pace                            made to order

caution is a caption
closed for the cups and wands
the anti-trust hearing: show business

We’re very plural anyway (not fractal) and drawn out with rain, pier lancing fog (heated on runways). How many millenia? Call for the question. The great day is . . . upon us. Mechanical failure, a trick of water, chad nets and whaling routes, not as prophetic as say when we needed the resource, were burned at the hearth for it. Elemental, period. What to do about morning


Blasé repeat zones in a quandary (plick
Poultice preyed upon, sticks and sand will break (stricken
Open the body’s best    cryptogram (flickering
Defense (unbroken
Skin) against the accepted breathing protocol

Our curse: scarlet tea oils, our television crystals lying flat on snowy napes. Spray is cured, goaded inward, splashed before we can technologize the velcro troughs this sea rakes over its approval process at every continent  entré

Shaped me with salt and gave me six more months     to live           
Within the bath                              so that everything water can do eyes do                                                                            
The scuffs came undone   (will be unveiled) rebuff the tongue    it has secondary significance     The leavings meant                 blinking          central division             WARNING this relationship is not going well       Me, only         I slip like you do  
except that I separate        Partially undone      evolve rigidly    from capital rivers     rafters lowercase Opiate distortion       fruited       episodic
Vamonos       Eleanor     (that is not an option you have)

My surface is your ivory mansion
cucumber extract sprayed across blistered skin
               the sun loves us               poisons us          does not apologize
for its UV crimes

She said talk to me as if I were someone else
you spoke to nicely

I live for what few dorsal fins I notice when I weigh the earth

                                                                     (bag it)

And then the purse strings soft as craned necks contract around broader strokes. I’d like to see . . . Surely you watched the palladium rid itself. Throw open its human side to derision, even paradise. Curses reclaim symptoms of maternity, plans a media fair how they

march in brittle fours                                                  hop
                                   stochastic                                                   to-it        recency

                                            Entangles     Stirs the pot so-to-speak    at Valparaiso

If I wear a helmet why don’t you embroider dreadlocks I imagine I will grow unless the bald look is appropriate      or subject is discovered
                                                                                        did you hear?
                                         The object is the game
                                         of obsolete objects    I object
                                         itself the I:  or S: drive       matters little in this culture of
                                                                                prediscovered fin de
                   danger level of warm ill-defined place — internal —

In a rinsed way the arbor day afforded a matriculation
Similarly bay poetics dialogic fodder for a decade into it
Similarly roving wind, raving don’t you mean?
Similarly articles endowed with unsimilar
Curt wigs renege
Majored in (airpo) hypothesy (rt)   think “human resource”

My metronome is in the closet.
Your metrognome is in our hut.
What is the distance between ¾ time and any  daddy’s hurryup?
         Picking you up from school was the best decision he might have never made.

His hesitext would soon import a strain of violets (crisscrossed), engulfing the akoya, the fresh hutch grasses (letter perfect) just up, stretching and stooping. To learn, the market blends aluminum with insult. Eyelag exhibits marginal self-control. Her diamond said the sports guy means her intellect is shored up once the crinoline is left to melt apart from bucketry. The instant message TTYF stings pearl coaxes early bloom read the last row provision’s reticence. UV undermined to offer (undermind) the leafage broadband silt. Swift current repairs awareness (suffrage), but not before farms culture jasper from façade. Alarms melt manufacturing plots within earshot. Stilts buckle whenever help is on the array. The artificial decal, a person or anemone, an outcropping of rocks jabs the strophe you there, yes you. Go there shielded, find a village — I want to be

Impinging on (that is to say) the larimar ping
your freckles (recently) relent sanctity
Approach but beware (compare frigidity) of the dog

and other flings   thou shalt not park here    a truism
                    I’ve heard it has several states of mind
Bewildering demarcation (fatuous) on
steel pan (noticias) desultory Provencal
underpinning limber (past tense) lassitude
as care prays for remitting
serpentine O protected
       gentle imperatives
           go     stay
the ripe blue summer pattern hinges on
verges though frankly I would bide
my time if storied pitch
let me go on good faith [feyth]
                                    1. confidence or trust in a person or thing
                                    2. belief that is not based on proof

Continue to repave all summer moon glow in apprenticed heat
She serves well these allusions impending
And when I hear them there are adages to feign
                              is your birth certificate a telegram
                                                which half?
Although there seems no difference between shelf life and jail time
The troubling winter
Nested near the part of me young as
Silver coated breaking news

When I nest, will you agree not to have faltered? I need your breath. I point to rest until the often ivory coating breathes back into our homework. Once upon a textual rendition, I became a theory. And you rounded all my corners with your inkblots. One of them, a bald saguaro, offered little inroads for the furry flowerlings just right for a hummingbird.

The lemonade tastes dark again
        spill     shaded sand     noseeums interlace the grape trees
               undulant beau fatale

made those leaves with apple juice concentrate
once           simmered differently      
so native make turned        I’m not going
          to ask you again         (sideshow barker) I am a glutton for possessions      
distract me please   to di(e) late    d   is   t   a  nc   e   s
dessert all weather let us say      get in or out
and neighbors came to find    unreachable by convention
community on that unsafe              Eva     a- not e-
street where we were robbed    the rough sketch
and they took everything               described meaningfully
except the flute worth more               than what?
than the entire household         no great escape
full of quick sale chintz

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