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Aryanil Mukherjee

Two poems:

This piece is about 3 printed pages long.
It is copyright © Aryanil Mukherjee and Jacket magazine 2007.


suddenly, blue dots flying around weedflowers
it has hardly rained in Kolkata by far, this June
the grass grows taller in Warsaw
and nails growing the young hyena
finally ceased to be

it wasn’t July yet, the other day
when one-eyed Asim came early evening
he brought two diamond merchants with him
to show them the sky

foggy, where the bogies join, but somehow the train still moves
dragging a chain of oblong sentences
damp vowels in hidden loins

we go down to the river
to realize
the joy of lifting was not just stuck to a private skirt
in a pebble too

we understand
the overuse of words like “migratory”
understand why between rejected and the returning flocks
we shot an absconding bird


losing is a daily affair, like breakfast
with every one in the house looking for my lowercase poem
while it was right beside the window
hidden under the blanket spread out to the sun

its piano break now
try a little cucumber with
breadrolls and tea, some gossip
that’s when the notations begin to wobble once again
from the ruins
rising thick black heads multipliers of life
whose loghouse full of children did the hurricane sweep away ?
whose wife was eloped by fresh flakes of cotton ?

and the parents and husbands, their sad, black tidal wings
flapping amidst the density of inchoate dark cries
crumpled, agitated but alive all afternoon
cawing and cooing
your letter said–“we’ll have a solar eclipse today
i hope you didn’t forget.”

in this sudden 5:30 sunshine
our bluish souls stare at the dough of minor clouds
around the ribs
a goat’s ear caught up in a scarf veiled over nosepins
mute music on blades of evening grass

Aryanil Mukherjee. Photo: Jean Cabello.

Aryanil Mukherjee.
Photo: Jean Cabello.

Aryanil Mukherjee grew up in Kolkata, India. He writes in both Bangla (Bengali) and English. He has authored two books of poetry Khelaar Naam Sabujayan (The Greening Game, Kolkata International Book Fair, Spring 2000), Hawamorager Man (Weathercock Mind, 2004) and a book of hybrid essays. Aryanil was awarded the Kabita Pakkhik Samman (Poetry Fortnightly Honor) for 2007. His English work has been published in Znine, Maverick, Rain Taxi, Moria Poetry etc. Aryanil works as an engineering mathematician and lives in Cincinnati, USA. He edits KAURAB (, a famous Bangla literary magazine published since 1970. The online version is also the first Indian language poetry webzine.

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