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Spencer Selby

Text From My Visual Book

This piece is about 10 printed pages long.
It is copyright © Spencer Selby and Jacket magazine 2007.

Page 1
The way I send you ingenious proof will not accept anyone. Curious communicating might the value be aware to have it end on first emotion.

Page 2
Memory couldn’t handle phases of my dignity indelicate without life short and defiant in tempo astonishing concern I noticed with frugal elaboration that could be symphony of G.

Inexhaustible seemed a world of appearances that concealed doubt on many fronts. The alligator depth of swamps, motionless jaws, rotten scale-covered logs, snake vines of eyes aquatic that flow mimicking the solid earth and sprinkle lapis lazuli lashes to leave the jungle of deceit stranded.

Page 4
Repeating the same metaphor of its own passion, suspect introduced motive that requires true false limit. Perhaps only a mirror reflected and played out indifference however energetic of cunning polished with conformity.

Page 5
On the contrary a fatal sequence. What is essential is not to win but in its own game a world given up that prevents calculation solicited according to numbers without exception. This is the basic rule of exchange trading on the absolute.

Page 6
Days bound for a certain port make its arduous festival turn back from day to day suffered by traffic and being tormented by the daily bread you climb steps your body needs for objects to come during bad service.

Page 7
Imposing answer can be given to both questions. In time required a single syllable that explains why in every place so many sources the mind cannot distinguish. Those it makes an effort to perceive have expectation raised by remote duty.

Page 8
Are visible gazing without an image. Spectacles long ago crossed the stupefaction, a vitrified empty scene which nonetheless information political saturated.

Page 9
To room where I kept papers and again house did not care, not in fear but confidence calming detours from crude kind of ambiguity, manipulating architecture verbally accepted.

Page 10
In the region we are trying to approach, here and dead arrives the time of realizing, shadow of the present is carried sure in the fact of being alone outside as personal relation belongs to region dark because.

Page 11
At stake probing pleasure of programmed reply, smoothing primitive equivalent dragging us backward with sublime germ obtained at equal price vulnerable by gesture.

Page 12
Implication to emerge, the door before which we stand and dread precisely as a barrier that enables threshold into matter closing hand on latch.

Page 13
Response fragmentary is the action, now what has happened to be brighter already, further waste with dullness and capacity to look no longer dull. The fact is, I am envious, wondering if that envy can be specific the moment I introduce another factor?

Page 14
For it bears dawn the same way fire is made with previous night and pulled at alternate world of man’s duty. Spirit clarified this sacrifice, then became a pillar that upholds passage between heaven and earth. By consulting the tree hewn into cap of wood upon its head, one is tethered with flames that ascend.

Page 15
Without a better balance life has no real purpose, willing to wait and encourage one side which represents society moving inward. There is no way to the path you discovered was your witness.

Page 16
Losing something in our thought that makes us comprehensible to one another. Something that makes us time and trouble energy. It has presence passing counter in relief of space psychological.

Page 17
I want to find out and to find I am asking observer different from the mind. Freedom causing discipline can pose this question if you have no opinions, no conclusions, no beliefs. You trace line to enormous vision, enormous depth canceled by a nominal amount.

Page 18
By a red smile like those jellyfish that spread around plaintive litany, the lure the hook about breathing of creature comfort. It was to allay memories little by little in the gash in his heart until the music shadows come to squander humble plea, to purge him of his dreams, his dearest treasure whose luster had enough.

Page 19
Mouth and choose target rather by evidence of their own senses, will avail them no more than was killed. Down in the dirt cleared conduct of rule struggling supremely, guided by trust worn out by a life ready to submit violence natural to individual gratitude now tolerated.

Page 20
Daily relationship of our daily pleasure, subtle forms we try to cover because we are still frightened. Beyond tomorrow the unknown exaggerated to indicate philosophy is merely an escape from what we have to face in a single minute.

Page 21
I think this ambivalence in art today, suspect involvement is luxury to a clean conscience. Like people turning from a world of anguish that resonates hard within possibility to make creative understood.

Page 22
The result being a stone without any past, without sudden existence that isolation hides from orphan wisdom driven by look that tries to control in order to become statue without analogous rings the piece requires.

Page 23
Technique invented to explore material within range adapted to system entirely closed, a universe that has its own laws and is self-sufficient through force of habit, by virtue of authority conferred upon writers and readers who have been most disturbed by all the upheavals taking place outside.

Page 24
The stare of a near-sighted person in that precious moment, clouds thickening and rain more dense than curtains collapsing around me. Landscape foreign and confused by running down in large drops of a mountain blur.

Page 25
In a definite sequence accounting for eclipse of sun and moon. Rapacious skull between the two and unseen orb that slips through if the ear conveys moonlight by cutting off an age-old slogan in its monthly round.

Page 26
My father said they missed their infelicity instead of happiness drawn ineluctably to himself. Bright ideas were a pastime, the toys of leisure weary from long schooling in a chair of obligations. Despite waiting patiently a form loomed full of hatred, coursing like poison through the doorway wired for demolition after being rejected for a job that must be done.

Page 27
Not man or beast imagining what is the foundation of all speech. Invoking the abyss, Lazarus in the tomb, the one I summon to subterfuge, this echo, this texture of language located in the fact that is given mass of existence taken to a sliver of rock.

Page 28
We need a solution to deliver us from resembling others. Only to obey oneself multiplied by a resident formula, to watch the same movie enhanced with subtitles written by an enemy we love.

Page 29
Half buried in weakness of opposition, the rest poised to take power for women of the group seducing zero question.

Page 30
Interpenetrates veins, flesh, sinews, teeth sharing sensation to intuit operation. Contact with icy water or jagged metal to extricate bone and joint. Body through which something is dissolved, becomes food processed bit by bit as spirit manifest as complete entity oozing through every channel the mind lords over one that must have perished.

Page 31
Vital sentence is suddenly sliced down the middle by wealth resigned to chain looped around fallen member whose consciousness cannot feel hurt in battle with shield, wheel, blade, struggling to rise pretentious.

Page 32
Monopoly illusion is like city construction touching clouds, fortress of obsidian accepting role in background of light indelible, naïve lapse and mile high to rule forbidden.

Page 33
Sense connected to fundamental lack. Real agenda at the heart of desire, arcane impetus of split subject in a culture of death. Bridge laid by appendages Duchamp put on map leaving a chess match in particular flux.

Page 34
Understanding we have to confront serious technological blindness that has no respect in advance of agreement made from home.

Page 35
Impressive on face synchronized with blame and Greek teleo to be abbreviated usage coming to defense of a woman that persists in final marriage.

Page 36
Not accessible to the one left behind is possibility of alternate survival, indeterminate shelter, presence and proximity a normal thing we handle from an angle unique to fellow creature soon displaced.

Page 37
You know very well grave problem regarding acceptance stated in simple terms to give instrument of the book its fair return at stake today.

Page 38
Song is movement of goal able to do more from indulgence. Having said I will drop anchor claimed too late by enigmatic promise in danger of being faithful to office at obstruction point in voice inviting as rough notes allow.

Page 39
Complex and rich with detail, with brute flat machines distributed across matrix. Theater of conflict and silence, peculiar signal crisscrossed by electric cells, programmed prisoner driven mad by interpretive aura covering his release.

Page 40
Accounts for phenomena, atoms and molecules from personal realm to clarify religion of matter. Isolated natural sense that dies in urge reciprocal lacerating object of dream like fair sex jailed at the edge divine and worship by man wounded while trying to touch an apparition.

Page 41
This strange meaning horizon, the same hope of being reborn because you have lived badly. This escort forgotten in vain travel over native land.

Page 42
Related shift always hard and dark, the other side of its severity not paying much attention through transparent interest. Mild blue sky on a summer afternoon whose alphabet you were supposed to utilize. Theme developed as fiction derived from the sad part of memory miles away before you answer the original request.

Page 43
Concentration to focus energy, bring all your thoughts to interfere with controller who says you must protect murky pit overgrown with grass that never was green.

Page 44
They would notice each flaw drawn out from timber into smooth appearance, would give under strain of exacting task blunted by concern to bring about reverse sharpness.

Page 45
Failing any such transcendence, communicating lack more social than the social itself. Myth of terrible form dispensing knowledge to banish a good person from the screen of media fortune.

Page 46
Without warning builds attack that is naked soul obliterating ground and sky. Hoping for legible conception passing around majestic dim interior. Inhabited as a whole that enables disease to separate what really happened.

Page 47
Limps about rune by dint of luminous skin, bright careless value, wild thrill or gift most people no longer savor, changing from night to night under pressure of bare bulb itching for revenge.

Page 48
Tangle of snakes, rampant fauna, dense fermentation and sludge combined with erudite shimmering through reach of swamp, color of impulse in wake of statement breaking surface to the sound of tired water.

Page 49
Difficult seizes more than a literary procedure. Narrative stance that sweeps verbiage assuming reality beneath show and tell fascinated by a sovereign excuse.

Page 50
Were deposited in dust, trampled rabble sinking into turbid high estate. Recognized share not easy for alliance based on rights fixed by enjoyment of life’s inherent disdain.

Page 51
Calling with fingers tense with propriety. Celestial disgust, errant wayward stamp absorbed in ink, enduring jewels that drill through eyes transported in silver light and bubbles making an insistent point. Renewed numbers in this very absent mystery, this double in limbo of long betrayal by a godlike fringe.

Page 52
Impacts from without and top parted in any direction. If you can believe heavy bodies under the earth appear upside down reflecting nether quarters that soar spontaneous looking at the sun.

Page 53
Efficient is transference wiped clean under waxing brush that seeks purity in fact embracing what is another glass for thirsty data.

Page 54
Signifies imperative radical expression. Jealous compact associated with the world’s obscenity. Light years from real is gentle affection you need while running in place.

Page 55
Gray oblivion is just the beginning. Shattered by birth your twin must remain gazing back at sole purpose tinged with irony. Connecting events through window not caring whether it’s luck or a puzzling opportunity.

Page 56
Man at corner stretches like a gymnast hemmed in by rhythmic patina retrospective. This guy keeps dropping hints which support steel center from nerve that opens volume.

Page 57
Virus anomalous following advice of our present situation. Different origin has prepared ripples immune to refuge of a desert oasis. Arriving at this place with no baggage would self-destruct nicely.

Page 58
Even a nomad needs chance to assail sojourn, quest for definition where history mirrors complicity, walking deserted streets marked with façade of modern stimulation.

Page 59
Pale cry shoots arrow it came from. Appetite is swallowed by material overflowing the system, releasing those exploited and reduced in choreographic air.

Page 60
Collective model at the foot of my bed seems natural in dialogue with bird art. Between the two is round nest of stars branching toward a single leaf in shade this story demands.

Spencer Selby, 2007

Spencer Selby, 2007

Spencer Selby is the author of eight poetry books, three compilations of visual work and a study of film noir. Forthcoming is Flush Contour, from Otoliths Press.

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