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Dusie Kollektiv Contributors, 2007

Jessica Bozek and Eli Queen: cor•re•spon•dence
Kristy Bowen: Brief History of Girl as Match
David-Baptiste Chirot: Writer of Fortune
Tim Armentrout: All This Falling Away
Marco Giovenale: A Gunless Tea
Jennifer Scappettone: Beauty [Is The New Absurdity]
Catherine Daly: Identity Theft
Jane Sprague: Sacking the Henwife
David Berridge: Nationality Test
Sheila Murphy: Skinny Buddha
Bronwen Tate: Souvenirs
Adam Fieled: Posit
Giles Goodland: Erratum to A Spy in the House of Years
Dana Ward: The Wrong Tree
Kathrin U. Schaeppi: A Frog Jumps In
Robyn Art: Secret Life of Blow-Up Dolls
Mackenzie Carignan: & Persona
Eileen Tabios: The Singer and Others
Rick Snyder: Guestbook
Elisabeth Workman: opolis
Wade Fletcher: Snitch Culture
Tom Orange: On Bathybius
Anne Boyer: Selected Dreams
Carrie Hunter: Kine(sta)sis
Jill Stengel: may/be
Wanda Phipps: Silent Pictures Recognize the World
Jill Magi: [from SLOT (to pull an historical site form you)]
Jules Boykoff: The Slow Motion Underneath
Raymond Farr: Two Hats Appear When Applauded
Bob Marcacci: Imagining a Baby
Kaia Sand: “ting arctic ice”
Jen Hofer: going going
Shanna Compton: Scurrilous Toy
Samar Abulhassan: fár`ah
Susana Gardner: EBB Port
Jared Hayes: CaGeD
Logan Ryan Smith: Much Like You Shark
Chris Pusateri: North of There
Simone Muench & William Allegrezza: sonoluminescence
Michelle Detorie: Bellum Letters
Sawako Nakayasu: Insect Country (B)
Cheryl Quimba: Glacier Advances
Drew Kunz: Tether
Sarah Anne Cox and Paris Cox-Farr: Truancy
Mark Lamoureux: Sometimes Things Seem Very Dark
Nicole Mauro: The Contortions
Lance Newman: a little red songbook
Matina Stamatakis: ek-ae
Hugh Behm Steinberg: Sorcery
Joseph Cooper: Memory/Incision
John Deming: “Toadous”
Anne Heide: An Instant of Flight
Amy King: Kiss Me with the Mouth of Your Country
Jordan Stempleman: Horse Sense
Marci Nelligan: Specimen
K. Lorraine Graham: And So for You There is No Heartbreak
Sarah Mangold: Parlor
Paul Klinger: Occasion in the Mosaic Distance
Boyd Spahr: Gift from Julia
Alana Madison: Basho’s Mild Tourettes and Other Poems
Lisa Janssen: Riffing on Bird and Other Sad Songs

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