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This piece is about 3 printed pages long. It is copyright © Jen Hofer and Jacket magazine 2008.
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Jen Hofer: going going

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Hofer poem 1
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Jen Hofer

Jen Hofer

Jen Hofer is a poet and translator who rides her bicycle through Los Angeles. Her recent and forthcoming books are: lip wolf, a translation of lobo de labio by Laura Solórzano (Action Books, 2007); sexoPUROsexoVELOZ and Septiembre, A Bilingual Edition of Books 2 and 3 of Dolores Dorantes by Dolores Dorantes (Counterpath and Kenning Editions, 2008); a book-length sequence of anti-war-poem-manifestos titled one (Palm Press, forthcoming); and The Route, an epistolary and poetic collaboration with Patrick Durgin (Atelos, forthcoming). She is a founding member of the urban marionette collective The Little Fakers, who create and produce “Sunset Chronicles”

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