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This piece is about 3 printed pages long. It is copyright © Carrie Hunter and Jacket magazine 2008.
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Carrie Hunter: Kine(sta)sis

Author’s Note: This poem is culled from various lines, images, and impressions I got while watching different films. Each colored font corresponds to a different film, which is listed at the end of the book.

Hunter poem 1
Hunter poem 2
Hunter cover
Carrie Hunter

Carrie Hunter

Carrie Hunter has been published online in Moria Poetry, Eratio Postmodern Poetry, Aught, Turntable & Blue Light, Wordplay, Dusie, Parcel, and Sawbuck, and in print in SCORE magazine and CRIT Journal 2. Her chapbook Vorticells was published by Cy Gist Press, as well as the e-/chapbook Kine(sta)sis at Dusie. She received her MFA/MA in Poetics at New College of California, edits ypolita press (, and lives in San Francisco.

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