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Alana Madison: Two poems

Basho’s mild tourettes

Burst of flavour in every bite
The pussy willows on a bun
A droplets cling to blonde
Welcome to boner heaven
Get thrusted by that passing train

Water meat
Real spices
Real good eats
Stiff authentic texan
Chipotle golden

Start off as friends or more send pictures from beyond, single and feminine. Just some basics to get started with I’m interested in meeting new stylish people who go with the spirit to reveal all that is silent and who can just relax and go with the flow. U know what you want! And u know how to speak in tongues and fits! How about a quick Tahoe trip? Wanna read the Ancient’s book of sorcery and ditch work for the day. Blasphemous magician seeking hidden knowledge, easy going & drama free ancient lesbian, must be early 30’s, intelligent, kind, with a great job.

And I stood there in awwww. Wow. Hope to see you again in the wasteland because you looked exactly like a friend of mine. But then some mass death annihilating rage burning doubt you’ll read this, but by the reaper’s breath it’s worth a shot. Warheads hit the Earth, eclipse manifesting terror to opening the gates, and smiled at me so brightly. Jet black demons in a subterranean gathering of my things and unfolding a divine vision came down to the locker room through nuclear detonation in 24 hour fitness. Apocalyptic curly brown hair no one can escape. A girl with gorgeous green eyes.

If Basho could talk he would definitely ask you to order that penis enhancement pack

Twisted mouths exhausted
Gush god riddance
Clunky dildo pillboxes
Maid blowing file gut
A flat and a magazine
Oozing insult demon
Sucks cock dreams
Dressed as a lamb
Plums rumble
Slobbers wide
We’re so respectable

Mumbling limply
Bluebirds slurp four
Mutton clacking
Over cocks behind
Curtain in your streets
At dawn
Only smiling machines

Author’s Note: Making spineless books is an act of recycling to me. I force the text into the shape of the paper I have found in various recycling boxes around the office, the neighborhood, from a mainstream avant-garde press’s garbage out back (the best garbage is always from the government funded press), and fold or sew it all into a shape of a book. Really it only needs to look like a book for people to open it. After that you’re on your own.

Alana Madison

Alana Madison

Alana Madison: I’m a stripper working at Cafe Cleopatra in Canada. Blonde with blue eyes, just shy of 5’ and 100 lbs, I love to write about my stripping adventures and experiences. I have a daughter. Please note that I don’t know how to skate. Thank you very much for your advice. I have a blog thing here:

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