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Kaia Sand

tiny arctic ice

Inhale, exhale
6.6 billion people breathing
Some of us in captivity
Our crops far-flung
Prison is a place where children sometimes visit
Jetted from Japan, edamame is eaten in England
Airplane air is hard to share
I breathe in what you breathe out, stranger
We send tea leaves to distant friends
Aracauna chickens won’t lay eggs in captivity
Airplanes of roses lift above Quito mountains
When the fish diminish, folks find jobs in prisons
Sometimes children visit
Terminator seeds are hard to share
And the fish diminish
The roses, the tea, and the edamame, far-flung
The roses, the tea and you
You breathe in what I breathe out, friend

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Kaia Sand

Kaia Sand

Kaia Sand is author of two other dusie works, heart on a tripod (dusie kollektiv 2006) and lotto (dusie wee book). She is also author of interval, a Small Press Traffic Book of the Year (2004) (Edge Books), and co-author with Jules Boykoff of the forthcoming book Landscapes of Dissent: Guerrilla Poetry and Public Space (Palm Press). Her poetry has most recently appeared in Eye’s Monthly, McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, Tinfish, and Tool: A Magazine <>. This spring, Matt Sargent is composing a score for chamber choir, “Riverbed Echo,” based on text from her poem, “progeny.” She lives in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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