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Angela Gardner: Three poems

Now that I am in Madrid and can think
when I leave the clouds

Now that I am in Madrid and can think

interrupted from images inhabit a language in skin
different from the burden of blood or blessings here
but as capable, lifting a hungry wind to stars that hide above the city

nothing sleeps, instead a dangerous elevation drives
            over seemingly intractable borders to where everything pulses

songbirds hang by their throats in the sky and shutters close on afternoon
            with inevitable bleed of images that spill or drip or puddle
            from our luggage

in Madrid we all carry moments when we think we are happy

yet our photographs reveal loss and amalgamation
            a thin man’s precise and hungry modelling, a child one hardly knows

in Madrid an orange will sit next to a bowl waiting for metaphor
not for signs of desolation as in other cities with their plastic bag tumbleweeds
or dripping taps. This is another language

a light intense with the reality of what we love

                                                                          (a postcard after Frank O’Hara)


Slowly the images
the verisimilitude and lies

that opened a space a running gap
in the rickety structure of dreams

filled with moth holed stars
and glass faced tricksters

super eight and wall projected
a flicker frequency stream of consciousness

glancing from the head
sparking like an oxy-acetelyne torch

against the uneven line
between light and morning

And as they fade
we are left with stillness

we must stop clapping
and allow the Universe to be swept clean

All that movement amounted to nothing
and now it is over

when I leave the clouds

through a window sky
opens   gets lost   closes
unravels fitful gusts of cinema
or nothingness
infinity always escapes this radar
this attempt to order the celestial
and when I leave the clouds
the stars look very cold about the sky[1]

[1] Quoted from a letter by Keats

Angela Gardner

Angela Gardner

Angela Gardner won the 2006 Arts Queensland Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize and 2004 Bauhinia/Idiom 23 Prize. Her first book Parts of Speech was published by University of Queensland Press in 2007. She is founding editor of the poetry journal and a practicing visual artist with work in public collections. In 2008 she will travel to the USA and UK on a Churchill Fellowship to investigate small press poetry/printmaking collaborations.

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