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Omar Pérez

Bibliography and English-Language Internet Resources



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Internet Resources in English

Page at Poetry International Web (includes video accompanying the poem “Rigmarole”):

Links related to Algo de lo sagrado / Something of the Sacred

Something of the Sacred / Algo de lo sagrado, NY: Factory School, 2007. Publisher’s page at

Sample poems from this collection:

“Soup from breadcrumb,” tr. K. Dykstra. Circumference: Poetry in Translation 5 (2006).

Five poems, tr. Dykstra. Fascicle 1 (Summer 2005).

Four poems, tr. Dykstra. boundary 2: An International Journal of Literature and Culture 29:3 (2002): 211—213.

Links related to Oiste hablar del gato de pelea? / Heard about the fighting cat?

Eight poems from ¿Oiste hablar del gato de pelea? / Heard about the fighting cat? (tr. Dykstra; with two translations by Nick Lawrence). Origin ~ Longhouse Sixth Series, No. 4 (2007): 123—130.

Essays in Translation

“The Zen Dojo in Havana.” Tr. Dykstra. A 2001 essay by Omar Pérez López, accompanied by translator’s commentary. Origin ~ Longhouse Sixth Series, No. 4 (2007): 132—149.

“The Intellectual and Power in Cuba.” Tr. Dykstra. A 2005 essay by Omar Pérez López. Fascicle 3 (Winter 06—07). n.p.

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