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Nicolás Mansito III

Four poems from «On Third and Seventh»

A Note on the Poems

The following poems and their respective titles were composed from a collection of the third and seventh words–in some cases, reproducible symbols and / or typographical characters–on each page (excluding front / back covers) of each book of poetry whose title, author, and publication information I have listed above each poem. All the words gathered from each book were used for each respective poem — no words were discarded, nor was any formula used to ascertain the order of the words; their formats regarding capitalization, italics, underlining, and bolding were kept as is — therefore there is no punctuation, only spacing, stanza and line breaks. The only change I made to any word was change its font to “Times New Roman,” purely for the sake of consistency. These poems are from a larger, almost completed manuscript consisting of 37 poems and entitled, On 3rd & 7th.
                                                — N.M.

Marianne Moore’s, O To Be A Dragon (1959), The Viking Press

If its because I might BE Buzzie BY than

if when an August 14th charm BE Visible
Godspeed to Ox and willow

A title can Be Public Bulwark
If He is top partial

I     Marianne Moore composer
of Vinci’s late c.

1956 waist     a moss-rose in York
should BE At his goatlike restraint

Ben     Reese     Thompson     One what he Chameleon
for 9 in Use from 1607—1957

H.D.’s, The Walls Do Not Fall (1944), New Directions

us and the ether me moreover

worm-cycle caught
     us     the pillar-of-fire
     us gods and goddesses in the lotus-grove

my Sceptre in your shattered Heart

     we     the canker incident beginning
     me     through a knife exaltation not heard

     Bryher land in anywhere
ours a palette of porphyry
or a path of Christos-image shell-jaws

Hermes can not reveal my example

know you shalt not research my consecration Sire

the fruit flow forth for tornado terms
     Osiris head-dress

to merge sentiment with spell

to have Presence     we search for instance

     most of us might no it
     old blue fall heart-shell whether

what is authentic
     we have

what is only illusion
     we have

who thought that was the way
     we DO

Gabriel Gudding’s, A Defense of Poetry (2002), University of Pittsburgh Press

OF THE LABERIUS RECTUM     a BUTT Poetry of magnifique University TRANSCRIPTS

who is the head OYSTER And General
If I P. mean in Robert Beltel’s broken anus

your backpack Jesus Rummaging THE heard

Today a LYNCH AMONG the RACES of  sheriffs
CAUGHT The LOFTED anus of EST tristis 39 trills

Ken is a head of duck
Come from flotsam OF livestock
to gravel MY dimwit shell
as The dark gate of farm and of fields dragging that center
OF GNAT world splashed like fat and Dumpty nurses
for everyone to pound magnificent wood

for What I pick is not erased
not supported
and eventually you pushed to mourn that hard great thought
Where through balance I have Lofted little

when will you breach your Beloved today
When the coalman posts the time OF guns For your best Defense
THE clanking backpack

Byrne Daybook of OKLAHOMA

one copse INSERTS one cliff

once     When GIORDANO was put beyond Marina
Few could fly
OF such are lost then

Timnath     Duncan     and Ray inserted order
came on you
just chargers of unison realized
vivid Sons of Man for Someone just

will THE vase and part sees
an am for not

John Tranter’s, Blackout (2000), Barque Press


a human defect
consists a beating on the many-coloured prisoners
on guard is admired
heard It should do
same resign in her Red
that’s TRANTER typeface and the devils totally in that thing     my head

Nicolás Mansito III

Nicolás Mansito III

Nicolás Mansito III works across multiple genres–essay, poetry, short-fiction, creative nonfiction, interview, and translation–and between two languages, English and Spanish. His work has appeared in Nebula, 21 Stars Review, Words Without Borders, Center, Rhino, and Sojourn, among others. Publications are forthcoming in The Human Tentacle and The Poetry of Relationships anthology.

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