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Sheila E Murphy and Douglas Barbour

Continuations LVIII

sun lightly lays a cross
     above the wake (kenned) wait
            listing listen(ed
it)      at alter of tort
     sure ways of elision
law less sins of  /   omitted

or ore oration            the
         divisible intangent    riven
           kennebunk-      trilled
sliver               s         ills
fro(m)            aye  pinpoint
          sans sin      sea

side ways of    divining pos
     sibling rivals riveted to
            revels stopped  /  dead
        weighting for a mir
roar of jets    rockets
           read(y)    glare of public eye

would luck     be pretty
               (mirage like) weighing some
       and re(a)d        eye wit less
               rock blands might as well be
oars          forsaken       can
               you see

                            beyond self
              s wall  /  wail   (white
     weight of im  positions
posters posture permanence
           rocked   and stone
      rolled a way off    (staged  (stooged

make it easy make    it slow make it
             im per man(ent)    allowing will
to smooth the rocks     to roll with
      waves in stages and by ways
                to soothe perhaps
                         lone white and brine

unto brink   sand(man) dream
            fever    browbeaten
    breakered   fortuned   foamed
               against shored ruins
surging ragged into rutted racked
     and retarded wisdom washed up

beakers tip to spill ash
             or the makings of stale
       compounds         metronymic
                       mid evening dress for excess
                                     metal urgency tars
       the leavings of remembered down time

               timed out and above met
                    all red metonymic wings
     spread and beating down on embers
flash and ash blown over grass browned
      around any other grave
            moment of airy nonchalance unbalanced

lashing out means nothing     lashing out
                         grave con-
              sequences ensue       momentum
chafes       the low read of the -lorn ride
             (ensemblive)       taints
                        most balance (ballast) quaking

faking the slide   back    or sand/witched
    between un chosen choses   how things
            refuse     fail   to work out   in
semblance of seeming balance
    d   reamed out   rendered null
                   a void  all chemi calls

            re   usal lances seams
and then the rending        chems a witching
           hourlight       hoses split  the aching
                 backfills sand on sand
                     culling the use from ailing
                          posture’s b/land (nest)

                         hand at rest but on
                  red push or black cauldron
              droned wailing way behind drowned
          waiting for a trained b eagle eye
    d feckless walk of talk balked by
              real used cares washed out a way

      believable round talking points
                   edged out by aulde licentious
                               parch and airways
                  weighing in on rush hour
           roan in craft just slightly
                              use (to mean pre-owned)

                  value edit pre-koaned to
            possession fallen off edges
      all round  /  how a moat in the i
                 nintends trajectories of cost
                       analysis psyched across
       torqued pathways   exhausted   and felled out

ora pro nobis              (          )
            a chaotic knot    requited needs
                        fall-guy after fall-guy after . . .
            tending crosses                 guessed at
                    sans moat          around
          psychosis            watch this crossing (out)

signed on  (hold on     (held not
             back any time between
       cigarettes and wild wild
            whoa man (unkind cut or
               burn    (out  /  rage
       turned in on self too satisfied hung out to

                         urns left (w)hole at age on
            timetold flooring over time
the guestbook trepid knots
           its way to signatory self too kind
                       not rough against
                                  the temblor shores

                                              sheered away
                                 as flows floated for
                        guessed returns  (guest returns
           always ghosted as written for the (m)
other of all nors   /    a refusal to see red
roars of resistance molten /     electric writ

Lobatse flavors ghostlines         fusing
          tarmac with    flush sky
                 mot juste that      curries favor with
                          seared             surfaces
                                  turned a ways
                      from guesthouse eyes

gusting sighs for forgetfulness  /  how
             (k)not turn back a clock
     ed it eration of all errors ex
           plosive plausive plaintiffs
                   plead  (double) crossing the bar
       s  poked prison housed and sinking

lockdown, drawback, iterative sousing’s
            leaden way           the rousing
                    spar spokes errands
                           ticking gusto        pried
out of the ink
                 implosively toward plaudits

plaited and plotted across
     abysms   tsunamied in eyes of
             storm clouding intellection
      interaction interdicted by the stoppered
mind   /   mint condition    so unused
              and empty   the contra dictionary closed

peppered         links mint
           usury and guesses      loud
mind              empties                  loss
           and eyesight (lots) warns of each
                        sit-comedic defection
             from the also-dit         a/gain/staid

             stayed    as executed    execut
ive decision chewed up mint/ed exit
     ed exist/essential belief in
             moloched banks   main
streaming  (streeting)   video
     s oft pedaling laugh tracks to cliffedge

pinned kings pedal through
            the angst       vidalia on   ions
                        restrict tearing
            all the byways left   distinct from
mint con    dit-                
on dit     each laugh track by de fault

less than ever felt as even smudge
     judge meant to come home flown
           awry   /      a cloud
ed perception of things (kings)
             or the river sold down
      the reaver out on that line (up

             cork-sprung      mid-
  flight     untracked
                           unhinged much
              less        loud
(unsung!)          (just thought) lines
that leave off drudge of lungs

lungs drugged drag of dustfilled nos
             trilled damage crying a river
                          to(o) dry below a screaming sky
flight zones parceled out as predicated
             prediction line of fiery declamation/
decimation    /   decline(d)

           listen to the lines define
claimed space against the tones
                that fill the sky         a maze
             of that up-
                         lifts to parcel out the decimal
      points taken      to retract prediction

                                  to redact prevision
           s soi-disant memory loss
                 calling upon new media
           s res / tivities    slick fillies
    lope around buttes of buts and
           take the quick way out of (t)here

                                 Tivoli streams fill
     vacancies      yet here        buttes seem flaw(ed)-
                 less carvings than       framed
                 heresy       precursor to  
                                     the improvised
                                     new & (im)proved

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