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Tom Clark: Three poems:

Three poems:

Keats on Shipboard, September 1820
Comic Interpretation
from “Little Cantos”: 1

Keats on Shipboard, September 1820

Twilight, a few white clouds about and a few stars blinking
The sweet signals that guide me to this unknowingness,
The waters ebbing and the Horizon a Mystery,
Sea surface calm and strange fish circling below in green

And violet shadows at the turning of the tide,
A sense of a kind of quiet submarine growth
Of darkness in the deeper, outer channels,
With my last English evening coming on.

Comic Interpretation

This isn’t one of those old funnybooks
Where Popeye & Co. keep on coming back
To live their lives exactly the same way
Over and over again, sans apparent
Reasoning behind the idiotic
Reiteration of the rhyme, which,
Like life itself, tender plasmic issue,
Concession to nature’s force majeure,
Comes squashed between doughy, juicy buns
Constantly headed into that gaping
Maw sunken into the kisser of Wimpy,
Is it?

from “Little Cantos”


orange harmonies

bubbles resonant open

literal yarn beans electricity

chatter angels


atrophy dream

tears leafy eddying

faraway buzz

planes above




starlight octaves

oscillating breakfast






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