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Heller Levinson

from green therapeutics this whale

leviathan ranges steaming
the whales
                   -- arch locomotives
                       — aerial adjutants
rumble through green gateways puckering garner
gabling odontecete risings purling pastures weeping therapeutic silence

aqua combings       syllabi rewritings
days no longer injurious but supplicant
envious of wind traffic & eager for contraband the skiff wardens calibrate glass

cloak uprising
cruising magisterial Harleys sputtering breath declare
“now is the last alert”
the long lumberings jeopardized   the crazed gymnastic cleat splashes  g-l-a-z-e   the twisted dashes the fin fantailing lobpeppering frisk-dives depleting

pitched to a bravura coloratura
scorching the fathoms with wrack lament
these monks of the deep
                               winching helium clairvoyance
enlist fox & sea horse                    gorilla & chimpanzee
             zebra & bobcat

these underlyers ://: overseers
collect plasma-sets/pith-posses/deft marauders
fluke deserts mountains lowlands mesas hills & trough
sanctify blowhole
             the upright bass
     coltshooves searing
             wild manes sweeping cerebral spheres

these swashbuckle prophets
claw final scripture to outlaw  
      unmusical barleys                             vanishing vocabularies
drought chalk                     stapled rhythms
dead tongue

with eyes seeing since the upper Cretaceous
70,000,000 year old eyes
eyes long looking
lashing the continuously initial
“But the whaleman, as he seeks the food of light, so he lives in light.”

so the whale
lives in light & no light

Heller Levinson

Heller Levinson

Heller Levinson lives in NYC where he studies animal behavior.  He has published in over a hundred journals and magazines including Sulfur, Hunger, Center Magazine, The Jivin’ Ladybug, Talisman, First Intensity, Omega, Laurel Review, The Wandering Hermit, The Spoon River Review, Tsunami, Vanitas, Wood Coin, Ampersand, etc.  first full poetry collection, ToxiCity:  Poems of the Coconut Vulva,published by Howling Dog Press in 2005.  His most recent publication, SMELLING MARY, newly out from Howling Dog Press, has been nominated for both the Pulitzer Prize and the Griffin Prize. Please visit for more information.

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