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Liam Ferney

Two poems

Triumph of the Will

A Caesar he, ere long, to Gaul,
To Italy an Hannibal
 — Andrew Marvell, An Horatian Ode

the lakewind chicago dream
late dusty nights in hanam-chi
humming 18-wheeler western ditties
frogs and tallies for company

back betwixt press releases and promos
friday stays always on my mind
fridgestacked six packs and sugar skunk
dissolve the working week

while long after the infomercials
have gone to bed the war begins
and there’s nothing to stop the mogwai getting
well fed and wet after midnight

sid fish a shadow that loomed small
as romans brave ignore the fall

Push Kick Dreaming

                      for Flo

From Old St. to doorway
in a fug of hip hop and
hacked morning smoke
the two goons fumbled
with a pane of glass
the shape of the top
of a billiard table. Their
half furnished office
as empty as the recent
divorcee’s social schedule
and for an instant I am
Daewon Song meets
Jackie Chan chase cliché
360º flipping to manual
a miraculous obstacle
dodge before the tepid
consolation of burnt milk
in a tube station latte.

Liam Ferney

Liam Ferney

Liam Ferney is a former poetry editor of Australian online magazine, Cordite. His first collection ‘Popular Mechanics was published by Interactive Press in 2005. He lives in Brisbane, Queensland.

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