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H.D. Feature

Two images

by Amy Evans

Image by Amy Evans
Image by Amy Evans

LIKE A RED ROSE, i and ii

Amy Evans teaches twentieth century poetry and the American short story at King’s College London in the Department of American Studies where she was a Teaching Fellow (2007-2008) and is currently completing a PhD entitled ‘“And to Her-Without-Bounds”: Robert Duncan, the female poet and the divine feminine’. She co-edited The Unruly Garden: Robert Duncan and Eric Mottram, Letters & Essays (Eds Amy Evans and Shamoon Zamir, Peter Lang: 2007) and contributed work on H.D.’s numerological patterning in the poet’s spiritualist sequence, Vale Ave, to the London AHRC-funded series Beyond Text: Spiritualism and Technology in collaboration with the Society for Psychical Research and Westminster University. Her work on H.D. as an influence in Robert Duncan’s poetry appeared in The Wolf magazine (‘“Resurrected Against the Rules”: Duncan’s H.D.’, Issue 17, April 2008 ) and she has a piece on Duncan’s teaching of H.D. at New College forthcoming in the Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory later this year. She has given poetry readings in Scotland and London and her poems have been published by Dogma Press and the Openned Series. Alongside academic work, Amy works in London as a classical singer. Amy created the montage sequence, or suggestion of a sequence, in 2001 while living in Durham.

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