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Between Stations of the Metro

by Daniele Pantano

How wonderfully it all matches the black bough:
Her artificial leg she sways as flesh. Fingers forking
His beard and the thinning images he considers.
A boy’s grin held by two cheeks. Fists. Simple
And unprovoked, like our apparitions we share
Each morning, en passant, from crests of departure
To whatever we still believe possible. How silly.
How silly to think we all reemerge as petals — pulled
Loose. Bereft of what kept us from the rain.

Daniele Pantano

Daniele Pantano

Daniele Pantano is a Swiss poet, translator, critic, and editor born of Sicilian and German parentage in Langenthal (Canton of Berne). His next books, The Oldest Hands in the World (a collection of poems), The Possible Is Monstrous: Selected Poems by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, and The Collected Works of Georg Trakl, are forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press, New York. Pantano divides his time between Switzerland, the United States, and England, where he’s Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Edge Hill University. For more information, please visit

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