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Angela Sorby

The Suburban Mysteries

Begonias lashed
to stakes still fall,
crushed by the weight

of storms so light
they travel miles
above the turf.

Damage is reason-
proof: a spine compresses
in a dream,

and the dream’s daughter
can’t walk it off.
She’s shorter

by a fraction.
There are mothers
in the begonias,

mothers in the thunder,
mothers controlling
their children’s limbic reactions.

Have you seen me?
O to stare from a milk carton,
gone through fields

too dark to farm,
into the old forest’s old
dissolving arms.

Angela Sorby

Angela Sorby

Angela Sorby is the author of two books of poetry, Distance Learning (New Issues, 1998), and Bird Skin Coat (Wisconsin, 2009), and a scholarly book, Schoolroom Poets (UPNE, 2005). She teaches at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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