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Jonathan Williams

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Jonathan Williams Feature

Blue Darter:

A Selected Checklist of Jonathan Williams Publications

Compiled by Jeffery Beam

I have a mind like a blue darter (a kind of Appalachian lizard). Jonathan Williams

This compilation owes much to James Jaffe’s Jonathan Williams: A Bibliographical Checklist of His Writings, 1950-1988 (Jaffe, 1989), J. M. Edelstein’s A Jargon Society Checklist 1951-1979 (Books & Company, NY: 1979), Arthur Uphill’s The Books of Jonathan Williams: Checklist 1952-1979 (Coracle, 1979), and Robert Bertholf’s Jargon at Forty: 1951-1991 (SUNY Buffalo, 1991). All of these sometimes contain more details, if you’re interested. I have recently completed a first final draft of a thorough checklist of Williams’ work, tentatively entitled Blue Darter — Jonathan Williams: A Bibliography 1950-2008, which is intended for a more substantial book publication. For the purposes of this Jacket magazine feature I wanted to list the major works for the general reader. My complete checklist will include more descriptive text. For now, the reader can consult the bibliographies listed above, or visit the Jargon archive, Poetry / Rare Books Collection, SUNY at Buffalo.

I’ve made corrections to previous lists I thought were needed; any mistakes herein of omission or incorrect refinements, however, are mine. I used items from my personal collection when possible to clarify confusions I had, but I also relied on the cataloging expertise of OCLC and the University of North Carolina North Carolina Collection records.

The terms “major”, “minor”, “primary” and “secondary” are illusive when it comes to Williams’ output. His singular vision and publication aesthetic oftentimes placed as much significance on seemingly ephemeral material as it did on more substantial works. And, of course, tracking down some of the ephemeral is “mite near impossible” as we might say in the South. Thus this list does not necessarily convey the importance that Williams might have placed on a work – although I have striven for a common ground.

The complete Blue Darter will name a cosmos: not only larger collections, but also broadsides; postcards; fund-raising “rattling of the begging bowl” letters; introductions and prefaces; jacket blurbs; anthology and magazine contributions; visual contributions; and essays, reviews, and commentaries. In truth, Jonathan’s commentary on other’s artists’ work, nor his fund-raising missives, for example, were ever secondary; his assessments and perceptions always as deeply and eccentrically perceptive as his own poems.

In this abbreviated list I have included, besides the expected larger collections, a few of the major works edited by Williams, all the interviews of which I have knowledge, and any major audio and audiovisual recordings I could find. A few smaller broadsides and sheets from early in Williams’ career are included because of their historical weight.

I would be grateful for any corrections, revisions, and additions.

Information in square brackets does not appear printed on the publication but is known from other sources or extrapolated from content. Outside of a title, parentheses include editorial or descriptive comment provided by myself or other sources. Whenever possible I have counted the number of actual pages in a work. “Page” means two-sided sheet. A “sheet” usually means a one-sided broadside. The term “leaves” is used mostly for pages printed only on one side, but occasionally is taken from cataloging or other bibliographic records when I did not have the piece before me to confirm whether the count represented one-sided leaves or actual pages.

Garbage Litters the Iron Face of the Sun’s Child. Engraving by David Ruff. San Francisco, CA: Jargon Society; Jargon 1, 1951, 1 twice folded sheet.

Red/Gray. Drawings by Paul Ellsworth. Black Mountain, NC: [Jargon Society]; Jargon 3, 1952, 1 sheet folded to form twelve sides; with envelope.

Four Stoppages: A Configuration. Drawings by Charles Oscar. Highlands, NC: Jargon Society; Jargon 5, 1953, 1 thrice-folded sheet to form [8] panels, with envelope.

Jammin’ the Greek Scene. Drawings by Fielding Dawson; preface by Charles Olson. Karlsruhe, Germany: Jonathan Williams; Jargon13c, 1956 (sic) [dust jacket states 1959]. (Approximately 4 proof copies produced but the book was never published). from this collection were subsequently published in Affilati Attrezzi per i Giardini di Catullo[1967, Italy] / Sharp Tools for Catullan Gardens[1968, United States], and in later collections.

The Empire Finals at Verona: Poems 1956-1957. Collage and drawings by Fielding Dawson. Highlands, NC: Jargon Society; Jargon 30, 1959 [date stated on colophon but actually published in 1960], 58 pages.

Amen/Huzza/Selah: Poems, Black Mountain, 1956-9. “A Preface?” by Louis Zukofsky; photographs by Williams. [Highlands, NC: Jargon Society]; Jargon 13a, 1960, 44 pp.

Elegies and Celebrations. Preface by Robert Duncan; photographs by Aaron Siskind and Williams, Jargon Society; Jargon 13b, Highlands, [NC], 1962, [48] pp.

In England’s Green & (A Garland & Clyster). Drawings by Philip Van Aver. San Francisco, CA: Auerhahn Press, 1962, [24] pp.

The Macon County North Carolina Meshuga Sound Society: Jonathan Williams, Musical Director, Presents: Lullabies Twisters Gibbers Drags: (Á la Manière de M. Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Late of the City of New Orleans). Covers executed by R.B. Kitaj. Highlands [NC]: Nantahala Foundation; Jargon 61, 1963, 20 pp.

Lines about Hills above Lakes (Postals from Williams). Foreword by John Wain; drawings by Barry Hall. Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Roman Books, 1964, 28 pp.

Twelve Jargonelles from the Herbalist’s Notebook. Graphic realization by Ann Wilkinson. Bloomington, IN: Department of Fine Arts, Indiana University, 1965, 24 pp.

Petite Country Concrete Suite: Rude Signs & Portents for Col. Al Lingo, Alabama Directory of Public Safety, and custodian of the SBI files on ‘Civil Rights Advocates’ kept quietly near the Holiday Inn in Montgomery. (An undetermined number were published as an insert in the back cover of Spero Magazine, 1964; this edition contained 100 numbered copies), [Flint, MI]: Fenian Head Centre Press, [1965], [18] pp.

Jonathan Williams Reading His Poems with Comment in the Recording Laboratory, June 18, 1965. (Williams reads selections from his collected volumes: The Empire Finals at Verona, Amen Huzza Selah, Elegies and Celebrations, Lullabies Twisters Gibbers Drags, In England’s Green &, and Fifty Responses to the Symphonies of Gustav Mahler. In addition, he reads three of his uncollected works). Washington, DC: Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature, Library of Congress, 1965, 1 sound tape reel.

Paean to Dvorak, Deemer & McClure. San Francisco, CA: Dave Haselwood, 1966, [28] pp.

Ten Jargonelles from the Herbalist’s Notebook. Designed by Arthur Korant. Urbana, IN: Design Program of Department of Fine Arts, Indiana University, 1966, [10] leaves.

Affilati attrezzi per i giardini di Catullo (selected poems in English and Italian). Translations by Leda Sartini Mussio; drawings by James McGarrell. Milan, Italy: Roberto Lerici Editori; Poesia series 3, 1967 (published in the United States as Sharp Tools for Catullan Gardens), 121 pp.

Polycotyledonous Poems. Stuttgart, Germany: edition hansjoerg mayer; Futura 15, 1967, single sheet folded to form [8] panels.

Eight Jargonelles from the Herbalist’s Notebook. Designed and printed by David Ahlsted under the aegis of George Sadek. Bloomington, IN: Design Department, Indiana University, 1967, [18] pp.

The Macon County North Carolina Meshuga Sound Society: Jonathan Williams, Musical Director, Presents: Lullabies Twisters Gibbers Drags: (Á la Manière de M. Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Late of the City of New Orleans). Covers by R. B. Kitaj. (Reprinted with new introduction). Designed and printed by Ira J. Newman. Bloomington, IN: Design Department, Indiana University, 1967, [20] pp.

Fifty Epiphytes (cover title: 50! Epiphytes,-taphs,-tomes,-grams,-thets! 50!) London, England: Poet & Printer, 1967, 16 pp.

Mahler (a separate pamphlet of poems printed on the occasion of the publication of Mahler Becomes Politics . . . Beisbol: a suite of screen prints by R.B. Kitaj). London, England: Marlborough Fine Arts, 1967, [44] pp.

[Interview] Poet at the Breakfast Table with Leon Rooke. Durham, NC: The North Carolina Anvil, November 4, 1967.

The Lucidities: Sixteen in Visionary Company. Drawings by John Furnival. London, England: Turret Books, 1968, [32] pp.

Forty Sporting Questions in Honour of Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Fortieth Birthday, October 28, 1965, Asked by Jonathan Williams at Gledfield Farmhouse, Ardgay, Easter Ross, While Piano Music of Erik Satie Trickled Through the Late Afternoon Gloom. Aspen Institute, Aspen, CO: [Jonathan Williams], 1968, [11] leaves.

A Bestiary for Anti-Laodiceans, Lamed-Vovniks & Lacandons. Drawings by Aubrey Schwartz. Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, Aspen, CO: Jonathan Williams, 1968, [43] pp.

The Plastic Hydrangea People Poems. With glosses by Claes Oldenburg. Aspen, CO: Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies; Jargon 69, 1968, [22] leaves.

Descant on Rawthey’s Madrigal: Conversations with Basil Bunting. Lexington, KY: Gnomon Press, 1968, [48] pp.

Sharp Tools for Catullan Gardens. by James McGarrell; introductory note by Guy Davenport. Bloomington, IN: Department of Fine Arts, University of Indiana, 1968, 10 poems/10 lithographs in portfolio, [26] sheets.

Mahler. London, England: Cape Goliard Press (in association with Grossman Publishers, New York), 1969, 60 pp.

An Ear in Bartram’s Tree: Selected Poems, 1957-1967. Introduction by Guy Davenport. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 1969, [166] pp.

Strung Out With Elgar On A Hill. Drawings by Peter Bodner. Urbana, IL: The Finial Press, 1970, [32] pp.

[Editor and author of preface] Edward Dahlberg: A Tribute; Essays, Reminiscences, Correspondence, Tributes. (Prose and poetry collection; festschrift for Dahlberg’s seventieth birthday). New York: David Lewis; A Tri-Quarterly Book, 1970, 196 pp. First appeared as Tri-Quarterly 20 (Fall 1970).

Blues & Roots/Rue & Bluets: A Garland for the Appalachians. Photographs by Nicholas Dean. [New York], NY: Grossman, 1971, [160] pp.

The Loco-Logodaedalist in Situ: Selected Poems, 1968-1970. Embellishments by Joe Tilson. London, England: Cape Goliard Press [in association with Grossman Publishers, New York], 1971, [152] pp. (The Grossman American edition was published in 1972).

An Ear in Bartram’s Tree: Selected Poems, 1957-1967. Introduction by Guy Davenport. New York: New Directions, 1972, [160] pp.

Pairidaeza: A Celebration in Lithography & Poetry for the Garden at Levens Hall, Westmoreland. Lithographs by Ian Gardner. Roswell, NM: Donald B. Anderson, 1973, [20] leaves in spiral binder.

[Editor and contributor] Epitaphs for Lorine. , NC: Jargon Society; Jargon 74, 1973, [48] pp.

[Interview] Vort: Fielding Dawson, Jonathan Williams number includes interview with Barry Alpert as well as critical pieces on Williams’ work. [Silver Spring, MD: Barry Alpert] Vort, vol. 2 no. 1 (Fall 1973) 112 pp (Interview pp 54–75).

A Celestial Centennial Reverie for Charles E. Ives: (The Man Who Found Our Music in the Ground). Drawing by Willard Midgette. Roswell, NM: Donald B. Anderson, 1975, 24 pp.

Hot What?: Collages, Texts, Photographs. Dublin, GA: Mole Press, 1975, [36] pp.

Imaginary Postcards (Clints Grikes Gripes Glints). Drawings by Tom Phillips. London, England: Trigram Press, 1975, [48] leaves. (120 copies distributed to friends of the Trigram Press, with the following printed statement inserted: “As a result of a disagreement between the publishers and one of the authors over the design of this book, the publishers have decided not to publish it. Before this decision was reached 120 copies were bound, which are being distributed to friends of Trigram Press.")

Pairidaeza: A Celebration in Lithography & Poetry for the Garden at Levens Hall, Westmoreland. Lithographs by Ian Gardner. Corn Close, Dentdale, Cumbria, England: Jargon Society; Jargon 80, 1975, [19] sheets, [13] plates, in portfolio.

gAy BCs. Drawings by Joe Brainard. Champaign, IL: The Finial Press, 1976, [40] pp.

[Interview, March 3, 1976] by William Corbett. (Williams also reads from his work). New York, NY: WBAI Radio, 1976, 1 sound tape reel.

Untinears & Antennae for Maurice Ravel. St. Paul, MN: Truck Press, 1977, 58 pp.

Super-Duper Zuppa Inglese (and Other Trifles from the Land of Stodge). Drawings by Barbara Jones. [Belper, Derbyshire, England]: Aggie Weston’s Editions, 1977, [32] pp.

[Editor and contributor] Madeira and Toasts for Basil Bunting’s Seventy-fifth Birthday. [Corn Close], Dentdale, [Cumbria, England], Jargon Society; Jargon 66, 1977, 120 pp.

A Blue Ridge Weather Prophet Makes Twelve Stitches in Time on the Twelfth Day of Christmas. Illustrations by Carolyn Whitesel. Frankfort, KY: Gnomon Press, 1977, [24] pp.

[Editor and author of introduction] “I Shall Save One Land Unvisited": Eleven Southern Photographers. Lexington, KY: Gnomon Press, 1978 [95] pp.

Elite/Elate Poems: Selected Poems, 1971-1975. Photographs by Guy Mendes, [Highlands, NC]: The Jargon Society; Jargon 91, 1979, 220 pp.

Portrait Photographs. (Photographs and prose commentary). London, [England]: Coracle Press, 1979, [76] pp.

Portrait Photographs. (Photographs and prose commentary). Frankfort, KY: Gnomon Press, 1979, [75] pp.

Shankum Naggum. Rocky Mount, NC: Friends of the Library, North Carolina Wesleyan College, 1979, [26] pp.

Jonathan Williams: By Eye and By Ear. (Interviews with Williams. Describes the influences on his life and work as a poet and as the founder of Jargon Press. Williams also reads from his poetry). New York, NY: Mirabell Productions, [1980s], 1 videocassette.

Glees, Swarthy Monotonies, Rince Cochon, and Chozzerai for Simon, Poems 1979. Drawings by John Furnival. Roswell, NM: DBA Editions, 1980, 94 pp.

A Quarter Century of the Jargon Society: An Interview with Jonathan Williams [with Susan Howe] in The Art of Literary Publishing: Editors on Their Craft, edited by Bill Henderson. Yonkers, NY: Pushcart Press, 1980, 268 pp.

In Marsden Hartley’s Hand: A Twittering of Birds. (A poem and an interview with Williams conducted by Tom Patterson). Atlanta: Pynyon Press, Red Hand Book II, 1980: 20-30.

Jonathan Williams. London, England: Audio Arts; Readings at Coracle Press 2, 1981, 1 sound cassette.

Homage Umbrage Quibble & Chicane: Poems 1980. Drawings by John Furnival. Roswell, NM: DBA Editions, 1981, 72 pp.

Jonathan Williams — A Poet Collects: February 27- April 30, 1981. Winston-Salem, NC: Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, 1981, [38] pp.

Ten Photographs. [Belper, Derbyshire, England: Aggie Weston’s], Aggie Weston’s No. 18. 1982, [24] pp.

Get Hot or Get Out: A Selection of Poems, 1957-1981. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, Poets Now no. 1, 1982, 175 pp.

Niches Inches: New & Selected Poems 1957-1981. Drawings by Karl Torok and John Furnival. Corn Close, Dentdale, [Cumbria, England]: Jonathan Williams, 1982, [154] pp.

The Delian Seasons: Four Poems. Drawings by Karl Torok. London, Coracle Press, 1982, [21] pp.

The Magpie’s Bagpipe: Selected Essays of Jonathan Williams. San Francisco, CA: North Point Press, 1982, 185 pp.

[Interview with Williams and Thomas Meyer by John Browning] Gay Sunshine Interviews, volume 2, edited by Winston Leyland. San Francisco, CA: Gay Sunshine Press, 1982, 288 pp.

April 19, Lexington Nocturne: A Poem. Illustrated by Keith Smith, [Rochester, NY]: Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1983, [48] pp.

62 Climerikews to Amuse Mr. Lear. Drawing by John Furnival. Roswell, [N.M]; Denver: DBA/JCA Editions, 1983, [50] pp.

The Fifty-two Clerihews of Clara Hughes. Drawings by Glen Baxter. Atlanta, GA: Pynyon Press, 1983, 54 pp.

In the Azure over the Squalor: Ransackings & Shorings. [New York: NY]: Jordan Davies, 1983, [48] pp.

Letters to the Great Dead. (Collaborations between Jonathan Williams and visual artist John Furnival). [Woodchester, Gloucestershire, England: Openings], 1983 — , 21 plates in 2 portfolios. Catullus on the Roman wall — Vintage Oxford Mallarmé — Ars longa, vida blue, ave atque vale! — Wallpaper for a classical passion-pit atop Mount Parnassus — The feast (Stevie Smith) — To A.E. Coppard — Poulenc — Odilon Redon — Du beurre! — Percy Grainger. Portfolio 2: Mr. Lear — Louden lots — Das Lied von der Nerd — Frog pond plop — Monsieur Point — Isolated person in Gloucester, Massachusetts — Stevie — Un paisaje para — Firbank in fox’s furs on Firbank Fell — Ant on Bruckner — Arc en oeil — Bunting at Briggflatts. (Some of these plates have also been sold separately).

In the Azure over the Squalor: Ransackings & Shorings. Highlands, NC: Otis Editions, 1984, 42 pp.

Get Hot or Get Out. Washington, DC: Watershed Tapes, 1984, 1 cassette, also available online at:

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Dear World, Forget It! Love, Mnemosyne: A Range of Letters, 1984-85: Plus a Few Elusive Items. Cover by John Furnival. Roswell [N.M.]: DBA/JCA editions, 1985, [78] pp.
Nearly Twenty Questions. (An interview of and conversation with Williams by Ronald Johnson). New York, NY: David R. Godine, Conjunctions 7 (1985): 224-238.

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The Concise Dentdale Dictionary of English Place Names. Highlands, NC: Otis Edition, 1987, [12] pp.

[Photographer] St. EOM in the Land of Pasaquan: The Life and Times and Art of Eddie Owens Martin by Tom Patterson. [Additional photographs by Roger Manley and Guy Mendes; foreword by John Russell]. [Winston-Salem, N.C.] : The Jargon Society; Jargon 64, 1987, 260 pp.

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Le Garage Ravi de Rocky Mount: An Essay on Vernon Burwell. Photographs by Roger Manley. [Rocky Mount, NC]: North Carolina Wesleyan College Press, 1988, [8] pp.

Dementations On Shank’s Mare: Being ‘Meta-Fours in Plus-Fours’ and a Few ‘Foundlings’ Collected from Rambles (and Drives) in Herefordshire, Gwent, Powys, Avon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Cumbria and North Yorkshire. New Haven, CT: Truck Press 1988, [48] pp.

Uncle Gus Flaubert Rates The Jargon Society in One Hundred One Laconic Présalé Sage Sentences. 8th Hanes Lecture. Chapel Hill, NC: Hanes Foundation for the Study of the Origin and Development of the Book, Rare Book Collection, University Library, University of North Carolina, 1989, 32 pp.

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No-nonse-nse: Limericks (Invented in Ireland c. 1765), Meta-fours (Invented during the Non-Summer of 1985 in Lower Stodgedale) and Clerihews (Invented in 1890 by Edmund Clerihew Bently) 1993 by a Perdurable “True Descendent of Aristophanes and Catullus.” Mt. Horeb, WI: Perishable Press, 1993, [39] pp.

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Six Writers at the Literary Institute: Erica van Horn, Harry Gilonis, Simon Cutts, Stuart Mills, Thomas Meyer, Jonathan Williams. Muker, Swaledale, Yorkshire, England: [David Preece], 21 June 1994, cassette recording, and audio CD.

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[Jargon Society collection]. Buffalo, NY: State University of New York at Buffalo, 1950-. [The Jargon Society collection features an extensive collection of materials relating to the long and influential life of the press, including numerous manuscripts and correspondence from such American and English poets as Charles Olson, Robert Duncan, Irving Layton, Kenneth Patchen, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Robert Creeley, Denise Levertov, Lorine Niedecker, Louis Zukofsky, and many others; production materials, financial records, and posters for Jargon Society books; the manuscripts and personal papers of Jonathan Williams; and a large number of photographs of Williams and other poets dating back to the 1940s and including scenes from Black Mountain College. The collection is arranged in seven series: Series I. Manuscripts; Jonathan Williams (22 boxes alphabetized) — Series II. Manuscripts; Other (59 boxes alphabetized) — Series III. Business records (17 boxes) — Series IV. Letters to Jonathan Williams (487 alphabetized) — Series V. Letters from Jonathan Williams (13 boxes alphabetized) — Series VI. Art and photographs (51 boxes) — Series VII. Peripherals (64 boxes).]

Jonathan Williams photographs, (bulk 1950-1990). New Haven, CT: Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. [The collection consists primarily of Jonathan Williams’ portraits of poets, painters, writers, and artists, as well as photographs of outsider art. The collection includes transparencies, Polaroid albums, Polaroids, and slides, which largely document Williams’ work as a photographer and which relate to his slide show presentations and published books of photography]. [Purchased November 2006 and July 2007.] Finding aid:

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