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Jonathan Williams

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Jonathan Williams Feature

Harry Gilonis

from Pliny: Naturalis Historia XXVII. xvi 58


Democritus disapproved of sex;
it's just the way one human
comes from another; and,
by Hercules, the less of that
the better.

             Athletes, however,
when they are sluggish, are refreshed
thereby; and the voice, when it has
lost its lustre and gone husky,
can also be restored.

                      Sex is the cure for pains
in the groin, unsoundness of mind,
dull vision & melancholia.

(done for Corn Close, October 1987)

First published in Catgut and Blossom: Jonathan Williams In England (London: Coracle Press, 1989); thanks to the editors and publisher.



Harry Gilonis is a poet, editor, publisher, and (intermittently) a critic. His books include Reliefs (hardPressed Poetry/Pig Press); Pibroch (Morning Star); Reading Hölderlin on Orkney (Grille/Simple Vice); walk the line (Last Adana); and a collaborative renga, from far away (Oasis Books), co-written with Tony Baker. He has also published collaborations with visual artists: Axioms (Ankle Press) with David Connearn and An Envelope Interior History of Art and Forty Fungi, both with Erica van Horn (both Coracle, the latter recently reprinted). A poem i.m. Richard Caddel, and his obituary of Caddel, appeared in Jacket issue 22. He is the only living poet to be published on the lawn of London's Serpentine Gallery.

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