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Jonathan Williams

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Jonathan Williams Feature

Thomas A Clark and Laurie Clark


Drawing by Laurie Clark

Thomas A Clark

you won’t hear it
   on the hill
you won’t hear it
   in a hollow
the lost blue tintinnabulation
   of the harebell
you won’t hear it

Poet Thomas A. Clark and artist Laurie Clark run Moschatel Press in Pittenweem, Fife, Scotland, where they publish numerous small books and cards. He has authored numerous works including a 1977 Jargon imprint A Still Life (The Jargon Society, 1977). Laurie’s drawings frequently elaborate Thomas’ poems.  Laurie illustrated Jargon Society postcard no. 12 ‘Homage to Barbara Jones’ with text by Jonathan Williams. Moschatel publications investigate ‘the book as imaginative space, the page as a framing device or as quiet around an image or a phrase, the turning of pages as revelation or delay’.

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