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Jonathan Williams

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Jonathan Williams Feature

Charles Olson

Nota to Jammin’ the Greek Scene

The following comment was first published in Jonathan Williams’ Jammin the Greek Scene (Jargon 1956). Works by Charles Olson © The Estate of Charles Olson.



     Fluff it. Everything got treated as scalar for the 2500 years immediately preceding. And indeed the Gods


     It will take a little time still before more know how serious we cards are


     The risk now is the opposite of theirs. To be serious at all. Thus the real danger is the corruption of youth by hecticism. The false speed of the mere exercise of terminology. Cant. Anything for the phrase from the stance


What Brother Jonathan does in hyar is to keep up the velocity at the same time that the things are let be. Ganymedes, or Echo, or that one Io, get back, by vulgarism, their patent vector powers. In his lightness the spoof


Barbarism, neologism, vulgarism, these London better have her old car out for The soul sd Duns Scotus is on a rubber band runs out the mouth and if you wake a body tee quick


     I’m sure we got askance from utter shyness. They made us shy, the whole thing fronted so. We winced. Now we’s wincin’ back. I mean, we’s shy. Bro Jonathan, he shy     He’s got these things where      We’s bristletails and earwigs, most even at the feast


Charles Olson, photo by Jonathan Williams, Black Mountain College, 1953.

Charles Olson, photo by Jonathan Williams, Black Mountain College, 1953.

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