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Aaron Belz

New Movie

The title of my new movie is The Intern.
The tagline is, “When ambition turns
into demon-possession… ” Laura Dern

plays the part of a middle-manager
who’s recently been diagnosed with cancer.
Lindsay Lohan plays a former break-dancer

who’s been hired as Dern’s new assistant.
Her smile faint, her gaze distant,
she’s inexplicably resistant

to doing any work. Turns out she’d rather eat
her coworkers in the break room―“meat
is meat” she growls, stuffing a pair of feet

into her tote bag. When Dern finally discovers
what’s been going on, she passive-aggressively hovers
around Lohan’s desk until the two become lovers.

Gregory Peck plays the kindly janitor.
Jamie Lee Curtis plays Lohan’s aunt (also a maneater).
Tom Cruise plays the role of the town cantor.

Aaron Belz

Aaron Belz

Aaron Belz lives in the Los Angeles area. His second collection, Lovely, Raspberry, will be published by Persea Books in April.

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