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A Tonalist Poetry Feature

Patrick Durgin


A Noir

The gods are real; that’s the devil of it.
―Jean Cocteau


Ratified days, abasement example, devil Mephistopheles incarnate.

Shy but perfectly still, much warbling, guilty nothing should judge.

That the prone, heard reason, without obeying.

Has enstated informed imagined, has something sortilege, has belongs to sighted juries.

Ambivalence?, difference?, itself?

Help Delacroix, printed purposely, election disambiguation.

Explicit unpublished flint person, had by sipping approved, its far ontic interview.

With shy reach, acumen becomes, vigorous.

Episodes, invariably, silently desecrate.

Telstar, unimpeachably, the desecrations finesse said drift.

Abate warble ought, listen obey divide, improve review reach.

Has definite permission, has a principle, has the staring furtive stakes.

Choose for insignia, devil speech, eloquence this.

Pivots become initiate, unlikeness, unlikeness almighty generation denizens.

For having you, this solitary if, you falsehood attitude inheritance.

Stall, surmise, and insist.

Violate choose modify, become generate acquire, enact state actuate.

Act acumen acquiesce popular initiate estate, Universe obsolescence, sentience.

Is am, learning, slight sacred as actual.

Case alternately uncertain internet, help version about disclaimers, flying lithograph variants.

Her desecrate Delphic response, incarnating attitude populate inheritance?, resuscitate defunct new resuscitated despondent?

With shy reach sentience, is am, learning slight sacred water Furies.

Reply populate be, exhilarate inherit age, give yoke concur.

Day birds, at black night oceans, episodic constellation.

Without understanding inheritance considered, look by skin foundation things, you as are aged.

Within what that that, immune reach forgive whatever us anew, and friend…

Has slingshot, has mounted, has tryst attorney casket.


Yes, occurs, Furies incarnate.

Invariably, devil unlikeness, resuscitate learning perfectly desecrate.

Vary perfect be, merge accuse vilify, bleat bore rope.

Shy still warbling, ambivalence ratified becomes obsolescence, Furies.

Remote ritualist milieu, experience in and imitation emerging, preposterously.

Has caliper, has cookie shapes, has as actual light.

Perfectly heard reason reach, acumen with sacred yes, hypnogogic civilian.

Acumen invariably, estate, populate resuscitate reach.

Misdirection instead, introductions and information, vitreous engine that indeed tremored operation.

Reach whatever resuscitate, nothing prone heard reason, hypnogogic civilian.

With without considered, skin within incarnate, nothing prone heard reason.

Demure when war amounts, gaze up the gauzy nostrils, of the sidelong radicals on bourses.

Me! dominion, pouring spirits, the words doth sense lamp.

Success tinkling fool, thou strong ragout, and smoke shone.

Antiquated embalmed tidings towards the to do, hovering flashes who shape, what this everywhere to din her compass.

Detest! Blood! Proud!, why the transmitted reprobate wilt manhood, the doth purer heaven mantle robe quarter danger ungenial instinct.

Stingy, flayed, inured to resurrections.

What ever undisciplined optical stations, old open-hearted little palace, shrilly brought forth branches horror creation.

Brought bravely, wealth, chance.

Owner space, enter moving, soaring noble gloom and painful sleep swift stand.

Court swiftly something quickly whose course surrendered to word, now creation never decked, Spirits there extended.

At the hatred, often eternal careful rest features heavenly claim!, of of with have shrivelling eternal sight.

Sweet again, your burnt delight already sprays Pater around forests, the eternally it the sharp-toothed parents.

Saw straight or open with raging hypocrites, satisfied, seduced yourself.

Sped ghosts though lightly around there, master’s the tools, now greatest outer ground fathers there.

Cascading effects, sensate, trespasses.

Space heard reason, invariably prone, cookie creation.


Without limpid, with, with.

And life, dust lugubrious, actual, lugubrious disarray.

Sensitive, mysterious, mysterious lugubrious word.

You, for landing, water.

Air, with without apart, live out lugubrious actual lugubrious disarray.

Sensitive, mysterious mysterious, lugubrious word that the obeying approved.

Acumen, silently new, populate.

Populate perfectly preposterously cookie information, painful often, of eternal example.

Still, reason, something sighted eloquence acquiesce obsolescence.

Things, what that, that.

Immune us, gaze, Proud!

The proud immune palace, the palace, creation.

The palace, creation, chance.

Chance, tremored operation, reason prone reason.

Slingshot shy becomes emerging, hypnogogic, what light.

With manhood, attitude, Listen! surrendered sighted populace.

Unlikeness, what words, sprays sped success engine.

Demure, master’s insignia, operation.

Cookie, something, eloquence.

Cookie acquiescence obsolescence, creation.

Populate!, populate, cookie cookie acquiesce obsolescence populate.

Cascade landing disarray, cascade approved, cascade.

Operation, cookie, painful obsolescence.

Mysterious, sensitive, approved.

Silently cookie, tremored operation, operation populate!

Something preposterously cookie, something preposterously limpid, lugubrious.

Sensitive, mysterious, mysterious lugubrious gaze.

Patrick Durgin

Patrick Durgin

Patrick Durgin is a poet-critic whose recent publications include The Route, a collaboration with Jen Hofer (Atelos, 2008), and contributions to Contemporary Women’s Writing, Denver Quarterly, The Journal of Modern Literature, Mark(s)zine, and XCP: Cross-Cultural Poetics. New work is forthcoming in P-Queue, Prairie Schooner, and WIG. Durgin teaches literature and writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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