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A Tonalist Poetry Feature

Kathleen Miller

Codex Dora (a fragment of a Fragment)

“look down at thy feet

Feet get dragged, Dora’s feet

dragging across the linoleum


For fear of shaking All

the burnt Lights A puckered

ribbon of skin Waste

Her desecrated doll-chair

Her murky fish tank


you, vigilant watcher Suckity-

suck It’s snowing on the tv

The peachy peach pit, glowing in her doll-stomach

Dora cannot fix this Her fur

wreath Histrionic Its needles

Their steel spines

“The violets seem to puke a bit

Open-shut, open-


All the split seams Her

doll-shoulders Framing

The snowflakes Her bed

with Their tiny pores

Her fleshy pit


(a specter of wooded

raw making and honeyed

the necessary caricature

being slatted and grooved)


Suck-a-thumbs Her girl

hood coughing attacks Peachy-

peach With views fantastic

Her slender doll-catheter


Her own milky glitter-sweat

Her lurid doll-shells

Her limber doll-gut

“Forgive me In all things

The part that tries Each

barricaded sail The quiet


A butter knife, slipped beneath her doll-pillow

Kathleen Miller

Kathleen Miller

Kathleen Miller is a poet and social worker who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Her writing has been featured in journals such as Shampoo, Matrix Magazine, Bay Poetics and How2.

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