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Hiram Bamburger and his Linopentametron machine

Great Moments in Literature
# 9

The ‘Linopentametron’

Inventor Hiram Bamburger at the keyboard of his ‘Linopentametron’, a modified Linotype typesetting machine he converted to produce anapæstic pentameter by the yard, automatically, according to a phonetic scheme of his own devising.


Jacket’s Great Moments in Literature —

Jacket # 3 — On 29 April 1943, researchers at the Cavendish Laboratory successfully test the technique of metamorphic diathermal annealing.

Jacket # 4 — Self-styled ‘Engineer Poet’ Dieter Baumbeiter reduces Heinrich von Kleist's twelve-volume Ode to Angst to the size of a haiku.

Jacket # 8 — Sappho Sees the Light — The young poetess Sappho of Lesbos, exasperated by her boy friend Tod's crude subaqueous advances, decides to look elsewhere for inspiration for her erotic verse.

Jacket # 9 — Hiram Bamburger's 1951 ‘Poetry Machine’ — photo of inventor Hiram Bamburger at the keyboard of his ‘Linopentametron’.

Jacket # 10 — Belgrade researchers pinpoint location of ‘Poetry Gland’ in brain.

Jacket # 11 — Hilbert Trogue's ‘Pants Poem’ a knockout in Peoria! First poetry reading in the casual ‘Modern Style’!

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