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Hilbert Trogue reads his Ode to My Trousers

Great Moments in Literature
# 11

Hilbert Trogue’s
‘Pants Poem’
a knockout!

First poetry reading in the ‘Modern Style’

Peoria, Illinois, 4 July 1932: In a ground-breaking poetry reading in the ‘Modern Style’, playboy poet and pants man Hilbert Trogue reads his ‘Ode to My Trousers’ at the Coconut Grove in downtown Peoria, sans tie, sans jacket, starting a new fad for presenting verse in a casual and exciting way. His tailor had suggested a high waist, and a bevy of fans show that they appreciate what’s on offer. The cry ‘Slip ’em off, Hilbert!’ was heard around Peoria for weeks afterwards, and the chant ‘The Man, the Pants, the Poem!’ becomes all the rage in the mid-west!


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Jacket # 11 — Hilbert Trogue's ‘Pants Poem’ a knockout in Peoria! First poetry reading in the casual ‘Modern Style’!

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